scsi vs 74gb raptor raid

What would you guys do. I want Im feeling the need to try something new. I pieced together a cheap scsi u160 setup with 10k 73gb drive for about 140. Or I could go with another raptor and do raid. Looking for the best performance possible for under 150.
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  1. Quote:
    The single Raptor would match the performance of the pair of 10K SCSI in RAID0. The Raptor is just so much more tuned toward single-user performance compared to any SCSI drive.

    My 2x15K RAID0 doesn't beat(if timed by stopwatch) a 2xRaptor setup in intensive daily/gaming usage. Same reason.

    Are you comparing this bases on u160 or u320? PCI or PCI-x or -e?
  2. Quote:
    The first one, latest gen. U320 10K on PCI-X 133Mhz or PCIe.

    Mine, 2nd gen. 15K U160 so it's even more lessly tuned toward single-user and just barely keeps up to a Raptor. I'm using PCI-X 66Mhz compared to PCIe.

    Not comparing STR here, I never compare STR when deciding on performance.
    Firmware tuning is truely magic! :)
    90% of the time my server is just used as desktop except at LAN where it acts as a leech+game server and the 15Ks shows it random access and multiple-command power.

    Cool :D
  3. Not that I know of, but since we Hijacked the thread already...
    I'm in the same boat, I have a server board that lacks ddr2 and the such, and am taking your advise the the Asus workstation pro (am2) is a rip off.

    So I'm looking into trading off my SCSI system (pci-x) to get over to pci-e cards. LSI is the only one I know of and it will be some time before we HP and gang start putting out cheap dual channel cards. I have a pair of super fast 15ks Seagates and 15k 147 Fujitsu drives, I do have two SAS drives that I picked up at a swamp meet of all places, 80bucks each. Couldnt pass it up, but have no way of using them!
  4. Quote:
    and it will be some time before we HP and gang start putting out cheap dual channel cards.

    Yeh, good point. Come to think of it all the cheap SCSI RAID cards I've owned in the past came from retired OEM servers! :lol:

    I just looked at the current 2nd hand price of those 18GB 15K and selling them just doesn't seem to be worth it compared to what I paid a year ago even though I bought them cheaper than others at that time. They're like my babies! The price for U160 SCSI RAID cards still looks good here so I'll have to sell them soon before they further degrade in value.
    So I think I'll just keep on searching for cheap 2nd hand PCIe ones, hoping to go under US$150 here.

    P.S. ignore the state I'm currently in, w00f
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