Asus P5W Deluxe & Core 2 - temperature problems?


I just built my Core 2 system 4 days ago, and it is rock solid stable. However I am a touch concerned about temperatures.

ASUS PC Probe is showing motherboard at 50C idle, CPU at between 45 idle. Under moderate load MB temp stays that same, CPU gets to 50c.

What worries me is that i downloaded coretemp, and it is showing core temps of 62C.

I have not done an intensive stress test yet, as i am afriadf to leave the machine...

Do I have a problem?
Would reseating the cooling fan and replacing the thermal paste it came with with artic Silver make a difference?
Can I trust Coretemp? It is showing the threshold value for my CPU as 85, which is too high!

Advice appreciated....
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  1. A recent review in Micro Mart (here in the UK) reviewed the Asus P5W DH mobo and they came across the same thing. They, after a bit of a fiddle (mainly sticking the supplied fan to the voltage regulators, which is supposed to be used if the system is water cooled, didn't make a blind bit of difference to the temp.), have put it down to the sensors not being calibrated properly/a glitch due to the fact that many users have reported the same kind of temp readings as you.

    Not much help but at least you aren't the only one with the same prob. (by the way I'm building a new system and intend to use the same mobo).
  2. I have the P5B and my E6400 was around 65°C according to CoreTemp with the boxed HSF, which like you I decided was quite alarming. I changed to a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 (after removing whatever thermal gunk had been left behind on top of the CPU) and after two hours of running with the new HSF CoreTemp is around 40°C idle and I cannot get it to go past 45°C.

    The fan is actually sideways, with it being nearest the RAM. It blows air through the fins and then straight out the back of the case.
  3. I have my CPU cooler oriented to the rear, blowing directly at the 120mm rear exhaust fan, so that along with the fact that I have large case with 2 other fans (1 exhaust, front 1 intake), leads me to believe that airflow is not the problem. The heatsink on the cooler is warm to touch, though not extremely hot, so it definately seems to be contacting the cpu ok.

    Will try scraping off the thermal paste and reseating with artic silver this week.

    It's a touch concerning though - i don't want to set up a big stress test overnight and wake up to find I fried my system!
  4. Hey, i got p5w dh and E6400. I overcloced the cpu to 338Mhz with 1.375 voltage (and increase in other voltage too, but don't remember) Core-temp is reading my temp around 44 idle and 45-47 at load. (by 'load', i mean fully playing recent 3D games) I'm using thermaltake big typhoon, i love this cooler! (although i had some difficulty with installing it) i'm planning to oc cpu to 400mhz tonight.
  5. The stuff on the Artic cooler Pro 7 is actually better that AS5, i remember a review on one of the big hardware review sites replacing it with AS5 and even after a couple of days and turning it on and off (which they thought was the reason) it was still higher that with the stuff that came on the HSF.

    Dont forget on this board the motherboard temp monitor is under the southbridge not the northbridge but i would reseat and replace the TIM under all the heatsinks (but not CPU) on the board.

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