Antec TP II 480W or antec Neo HE 500W


I have the following system
C2D E6300, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAm, 945GM based mobo, a generic power supply which came with the case. I am using On board graphics.

I want to change the PSU.
I am wondering if I should go for TP II 480W or Neo HE 500W.

1. I do not plan to do SLI or crossfire in next 1.5 years at least
2. I plan to add a direct x 10 or a direct x 9 graphics card later but I am not a hardcore gamer.
3. I plan to connect 2 80 mm fans or 1 120 mm and 1 80 mm fan to my system.

We have only cooler masters or antec power supplies available here in india.

So which power supply should I go for?

1. I heard that there are some problems with antec neo HE PSU.
2. I also heard that the Neo HE build quality if not that good.
3. With Neo HE can I connect the fans In my case?
4. Will there be any voltage/current drop due to modular cables?
5. Will the 120mm fan of TP II 480 W be an advantage for cooling the CPU because it sits on the top of the CPU and sucks the air from there?
6. Any disadvantage of single 80mm fan in Neo HE 500W
7. The difference is abt $20 for me.

So which PSU I should go for>
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