How 4 Gigs Ram is managed on 32-bit OS?

I am pretty sure that it was already here but i cannot find now when i need it.

I need a very good describtion of the machine performance with 2 Gigs Ram and more on 32-bit system. And why 4 Gigs boots is activated on 64 bit system and Vista. I am sure you know what I mean.

Thank you
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  1. 32-bit addressing can only address 2^32 bytes = 4GB of RAM. WinXP reserves some of that possible 4GB of address space for internal system purposes, such as memory-mapped I/O. Typically, about 1GB is reserved, so maximum addressable/usable RAM for WinXP is ~3GB.
  2. A little bit too short, but thx anyway.

    Can anyone please extend the information for more detailed? How the avaible RAM is limited by the size of the memory on the graphic card? Any comparison how does it work on 64-bit OS?
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  6. There is a HP workstation at work with 4 x 1 GB DDR2 memory in it (i.e. 4 GB). On "My Computer", Properties it shows it has 3.5 GB of memory, so its cannot see 512 M of the 4 G. The OS is Win XP Pro 32 bit. This is as described by the first reply to this topic.

    Just for comparison the laptop I'm using has 1G DDR2, and it shows up as "0.99 GB of RAM".

    Robert Murphy
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