7600GT v X1650 v AIW X800XT (All AGP)

I need to buy a new AGP card and was wondering which of those is the best or is there something better than that within the $200 range with the possibility of overclocking and unlocking and such..Thanks in advance for replying.
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  1. Both the 7600 GT and X850 XT can be found for under $200 on newegg. Both are great for the price. If you want to base your decision on something, have a look at this review and maybe you'll see something you like:


    Don't bother with the X1650 PRO unless you want to savew money. It's not as good as the 7600 GT or X850 XT, but it's pretty decent for the $130 price tag.
  2. Any chance of a link to the x850xt AGP version from newegg or any other e-tailer that offers it for less than $200..
  3. Paul had a thread about it oin the forums. Check there...
  4. Quote:
    Any chance of a link to the x850xt AGP version from newegg or any other e-tailer that offers it for less than $200..

    Yea, heres a link:

  5. Too bad it's out of stock. :(
  6. Could anyone tell me which of the following fell into the below $200 range and was worth the money for AGP's as I was considering buying one of these..

    X850 XT PE
    X800 XT PE
    X850 XT
    6800 Ultra
    7600 GT
    X800 XT
  7. They're all worth it under $200. I wouldn't pay anymore than $175 or so for a 7600GT. You won't find a 6800ultra or x850xt pe for under $200 though.
  8. I meant which of those listed are available for under @200 brand new from an e-tailer..
  9. Sorry. 7600GT, X800XT, and X850XT. Unfortunately, they're out of stock now on newegg. Just look around. The 7600GT is probably your best bet.
  10. 7600GT
  11. Would the X850 be worth upgrading to considering I am aiming to use it for little over a year ?

    On another note I found a used 9800 XT for $80..Is that worth upgrading to from my current 9600XT ?
  12. It'll get you a whole lot further than that 9800XT. The X850PRO is a good overclocker, and on some you're able to unlock the extra 4 pipes making it a X850XT.
  13. You didn't say, so everyone is guessing the card will be used for gaming only. Is that the case? If you plan to keep it until the end of 2007, I wouldn't buy anything but a SM3.0 card. But that's me, and it depends on what your plans and intended usage are.
  14. Try this card. It is a snick slower than the 850 pro, a bit slower than the 7600GT and X800XT but it is a bunch cheaper. It is sold as OEM meaning you will not get the extras in the box (demo games and cables).

  15. Yes, it is meant for gaming mostly FPS and quick pick up and play games, not the stratergy kind incase that helps and I plan to keep it upto the end of 2007 and then get a new system.
  16. Any ideas ?
  17. Problem is the four best AGP gaming cards available for under $200 are all out of stock. X850Xtpe, 7600GT, X850XT, and AIW X800XT. Decide which you want best and search around. Also, 6800U and X800XTPE have been rumored to be low priced but rare at some retial stores like CompUSA.

    Anyway, for games now, the best sub $150 AGP I see in stock is the X850 pro. Above that their is nothing in stock online (worth buying)until the $250 7800GS.


  18. i just got a 7600gt pci-e... all i can say is that its incredible! a tad loud (loudest thing in my case)
  19. Is there any particular AGP ranking I can find or have a look at to find out what lies where ? In terms of upgrading to a 9800XT from a 9600XT for around $80 is pointless ?
  20. I Found a x850XT for $180. Is this a worth upgrade as compared to the $175 7600 GT when it was in stock ?
  21. I'd take the 7600GT if you can wait for it to be restocked...
  22. In stock I'd go for the 7600GT like Crash said. It performs on par with the X850XT, so if they cost the same the 7600GT's feature advantage break the tie. But who knows how long before you find an instock 7600GT nor what the cost will be then. Also, how long will the X850XT stay in stock. So honestly, I'd have no problem grabbing the X850XT instead of waiting for a 7600GT to show up.

    You could read Cleeve's PCI-e comparison to see how the two cards stack up (will be the same as AGP). http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/08/25/sub_200_pci_express_graphics_card_showdown/

    Oh, and the 9800XT is an upgrade, and not bad at all for $80. But For $125 in stock at newegg is a much faster X800GTO. here are some performance charts for you to compare: http://www.ixbt.com/video2/agp-2k6-d.shtml#p18

    X800 pro (about same as X800GTO) vs. 9800XT
  23. Thanks Paul for answering, but i forgot to mention that it was a refurbished x850 pro unlocked to 16 pipes and not an actual x850xt.I still have my heart set on a 7600 Gt but the stocks are pretty low. Any idea when the new xfx 7600 GT XXX Edition will be in stock ?

  24. I'd avoid a $180 refurbished unlocked card. No idea about the XFX, but thx for the link. First I have heard of it = Good news.

    Looks like their is a 560/1400 AGP version due out also: http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?productConfigurationId=650010
  25. Thx for the advice. I will not purchase that refurbished card but was wondering as to the reasons why not to buy ?
  26. $180 is too much for a used/refurb/unlocked X850pro. About two months ago, ATI was selling them new (not unlocked) for $139. You'd be better off buying an new X850pro, and unlocking it yourself. They're not all guaranteed to unlock though.
  27. the 7600gt is your best bet for a quality mid-range card as it has all the latest sm 3.0 support and what not.anyways goodluck with your choice.


    X2 4400+@2.4 S-939
    2 7800GT'S IN SLI MODE
    WD300GIG HD
    520WATT PSU
  28. Too bad that's PCI-E, he's looking for AGP. $110 for a 7600GT would be a sweet deal for AGP though. :(
  29. Quote:
    I need to buy a new AGP card and was wondering which of those is the best or is there something better than that within the $200 range with the possibility of overclocking and unlocking and such..Thanks in advance for replying.

    I´d consider selling the AGP-Mainboard and buying a new PCIe one. PCIe cards are a tad cheaper than their counterparts. I´d keep that in mind while looking at the prices.
  30. My 1st choice\preference is the 7600 GT although the option of selling and changing to a PCI-E board is intriguing what is the possible price I could get for a ASUS P4P800 E-Deluxe?? What PCI-E board could I get that would support Socket 478? Would the price of selling my old mobo and the $175 I plan to invest in the 7600 GT encompass buying a new PCI-E + PCI-E gfx card ? Sorry for all the questions..it's just that there are so many to ask.
  31. I wouldn't consider upgrading your mobo unless you're going to upgrade everything. Your not going to be able to get much for that mobo. The only socket 478 pci-e mobo I've seen cost around $130.
  32. I say screw SM3.0. If you get a card that has it its still out of date with the soon to be unveiled DX10 cards... In my opinion SM3.0 only slows you down.

    I ONLY play games on 1600x1200 and my x800xtpe doesn't have any problems at all. And it is one hell of an overclocker... if my motherboard was more stable I could post some serious clocks cause I have yet to artifact on ANY setting.

    I bought mine for 140$ at the beginning of the summer and if I burn it up tonight I would march down the street and buy another!

    My Diamond Viper V770 Lasted me a long time
    My Radeon 64Meg DDR VIVO lasted me a long time too
    And my r420 will last just as long if not longer!

    W00t for a great card that lets me own in Source and play farcry BF2 fear etc. etc. etc. in 1600x1200... cause I don't care what anyone else says... AA and AF still looks like crap on anything below 1600x1200

    p.s. its very loud. Get yourself some headphones :twisted:
  33. After looking at all the avenues I suppose the only viable option is for me to buy a AGP gfx card with SM 3.0 and use it for a lil bit over a year and a half till the whole vista and DX10 scene stabilizes.
  34. That's what I would do. Unfortunately for me, the 7600GT wasn't out yet for AGP when I decided to upgrade. I got an X800XL instead. I wish I'd been able to get the 7600GT, but the X800XL was still a huge upgrade for me going from a 9800pro. Hopefully they'll come back in stock soon.
  35. I am sticking with the 7600 GT but I wanted the Camera XFX GeForce 7600 GT 256MB DDR3 XXX Edition but it isn't in stock anywhere any idea when it's going to come out ?
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