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I was wondering if you could help me with a computer problem that I have. I like to play a really old DOS game called Championship Manager 9798. This was only compatible with Win 98 & you'd to reboot the machine in DOS mode to play it. When XP came out, I was able to play this through a DOS box. When Vista came out, I was then able to play it with a virtual machine, with Win 98 as the operating system. I could make the screen go full size by pressing Alt+Enter &this was on a Dell wide screen monitor, & everything ran fine.
My problem is that I have just bought an HP wide screen laptop. The Virtual machine runs, but when I press Alt+Enter, it goes full screen, but there are two black bands about an inch wide down the side of the screen, meaning that the game is only about half of the screen in width.
Is there anything that you can think of that can be done? I’ve tried the internet to see if there’s anything, but all it says is that Virtual Machines aren't with wide screens. I’m confused with this, as it works on my wide screen monitor (with my PC), or are there different variations of “wide screen”?
Someone suggested RDP onto the virtual machine, which you can’t do with Win 98. SO Ive tried to go back to getting the game to work via DOS box on an XP virtual machine. I managed this, but when I RDP onto it, all you see is a small DOS icon in the middle of the screen, so Im totally stuck & would give my right arm if you could get it to work properly on my laptop


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  1. I don't you should try changing anything, other than trying to run your Virtual Machine windowed. Old apps/games usually worked with a 4:3 aspect ratio, your laptop's ratio is probably 16:10 or 16:9.

    The point is, you should be glad you're seeing the two black strips on either side. I for one prefer seeing the game as it should be, not stretched to fit your screen.
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