HDD noise problem (seagate sata 250gb)

I just bought Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB SATA NCQ 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache yesterday for my new system. I installed windows, and everything went perferctly. Then when i was formatting D drive (partitioned drive) the HDD was starting to give 'clicking' noise. I started to hear the noise whenever i surfed web or do anything while formatting. and then, after the format (formatting itself didn't give any noise), when i load/start any program, the HDD started to give the noise. Do i have to RMA the hdd???

ps: come to think about it ... i think i only hear noise when i start a program in D drive. I didn't hear any noise while booting up windows or run a program that is installed in c drive. Strange ...
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  1. Clicking noise can be very mysterious.

    Did your old HDD done that noise too ?
    Have you done scandisk ?

    If it's scares you, backup your data. Then do some benchmarking or defragging.
    If you still doubt it, RMA it, then compare it.
  2. Google for 'seatools' You can download version to run under windows or boot diskettes and test the hard drive. DFT is a good general tester.
  3. i ran seatools, and it didn't find any problem with HDD. But, the noise was somewhat getting frequent ... i just exchanged it for WD caviar 250gb SATA. The tech support in the shop said that recent seagate HDD would make some noise due to its high speed. I've got two PATA seagate HDD, and they don't make a noise, so i'm not sure i can believe him. But, i exchanged it anyway. hope this HDD works well....
  4. lol ... looks like my new western digital HDD (caviar 250GB SATA) also makes some noise ... although it's not as obvious as seagate HDD. Hey, they advertise that the noise level is below human hearing! ... it's a goddamn false advertisement!
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