Best Card Under $100 FOR MY USES


I want to get a different video card for my is what I do:

-TV tuner a lot
-DVD's a decent amount
-Photo/video editing a decent amount
-3D rendering is about 70% of what I'll be's nothing crazy but still
-Office / internet application

I want something ATi because i'm getting the TV wonder 650 and I know ati loves working with ati.

CPU = E6600
HD's = 2x 74gig raptors + 1x 320gb sata

plz help
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  1. Im not really into this but something like a 1600pro from ati?

    Just say if im right or wrong :oops:
  2. I'll agree. He'd probably do well with something like this.
  3. If that 3D rendering is OpenGL, you probably want to look into the ATI FireGL series of cards.
  4. What about something like an All in Wonder x800 card or something? The AIW cards have the turners built in and might be able to save you some cash

    x1300 AiW :

    or maybe the x800GTO it is a steal at $90
  5. X1400? I hear those are really good with the video/DVD buffs.
  6. Shoot I forgot to mention that i need to have dual DVI. what do you guys think of this...
  7. oh yea and what is better for me, 512 of gddr2 or 256 of gddr3 ? this might be a stupid question but I'm just not familiar with video memory usage/bandwidth
  8. Anyone...please :( I really want to order today and I want to know what card to get...

    can you please tell me what you think of that card above, i don't know much about gecubute

    can you also please tell me if i'm better off with 256mb gddr3 or 512mb gddr2?

    thank you
  9. I think it doesnt make a difference for your type of use. I would just pick the 512mb version. The faster memory is more usefull with games.
  10. I haven't heard of that company, but I have Saphires version of the X1600Pro 512. I use it for making family video's on DVD, and watching movies besides the general purpose home stuff and moderate gaming. I don't do 3D rendering, but at this price level you just wait longer I suppose. Just check some reviews on that card. If they are just using ATI's reference board (likely) then you should be fine if you get a good feeling about their wty and customer service.
  11. Okay so i'm basically down to these choices:

    the last two of which are basically the same.

    what do you guys think is going to be best for me and why?

    thank you so much
  12. I would point you towards the PowerColor X1600. Because it is, to me, a better known brand over the other 1600. Also because the newer technology of the Radeon X1xxx series has very good video, and is an improvment I am guessing over the X8 series cards. The 850 is faster (at least in gaming) than the X1600 but I can't tell you if it would be any faster in your primary use of 3D rendering as they have different internal architectures.

    You might try asking about the 3D rendering task on the ATI website (customer service, pre sales, etc.) since you are comparing ATI to ATI.
  13. so basically the only good i'm gonna get out of the 850 is better gaming, which i could care less about?

    Is that basically the only good that comes from a memory clock that is that fast?

    thank you
  14. Based on what I read here....
    .....concerning 3D rendering, it depends if you need real time or if you are rendering to achieve a static high quality image. The 850 will give you a bit more frames per second but it won't be like double the X1600 performance. 10fps better maybe? I still suggest the newer gen X1600 due to the higher video quality. And it's newegg, so if it feels sluggish to you just return it and try the 850.

    But I think for you to notice a big difference (over the X1600) you would have to jump up to a X1800 or higher, or even use a workstation class card ($$$). You might also consider a Matrox card. They are usually very good at this sort of thing but not very good at gaming.
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