help picking out components, need help(AMD vs Intel)

my motherboard died, so I am going to get a new motherboard/proc/RAM/video
I have this picked out right now

you can guess my price range from there, I want good stuff but not super high end
my friend said, because I am big into gaming, that I should look into getting an AMD instead of Intel
should I get an AMD?
also which AMD/motherboard should I go with if I choose to go with AMD?
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  1. Well if our lookin at that intel processor and looking for something around the same price then youll most likely be able to find an AMD that will preform better then that one.

    you could get this dual core AMD for the same price
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Windsor 2.2GHz

    then maybe this mobo
    MSI K9N Neo-F Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 550

    make sure ya get DDR2 ram with it as well
  2. so the RAM I have in the list won't work with that motherboard or what?

    also I heard that single cores are better for gaming than dual-cores
  3. The single core thing is true, but hey the difference isn't huge. As for that intel chip you picked out, its really bad.

    You should consider a core 2 duo setup if your looking to get the most for your money, although amd is a bit cheaper right now.

    Core 2 duo
    and same graphics card

    Thats my exact setup I purchased recently. I have to say I'm very satisfied.


    As for the Amd I ask that someone else give you some ram. And the video card is the same
  4. with that Intel chip, basically get it then overclock it a lot?
    is overclocking just as good as say an AMD/Intel that runs the same speed as the standard
  5. If you haven't been keeping up with things, Core 2 Duos are currently the fastest things out there(Unless something just came out). And the e6300 is cheapest one of them. But it performs at atleast Amd athlon x2 4400 speeds. Yeah and if you haven't heard, people have been getting pretty nice overclocks.
  6. dual core is now better because more games are starting to use 2 cores..
    DDR2 is need with most LGA775 mobos and all AM2.

    AMD is better if its not the Core 2 Duo...
    Intel is worse if its not Core 2 Duo (given..)

    and right now is not a great time to spend a lot of money on a graphics cards w/ DX10 video cards coming out in like 3 months.
  7. I know the new video cards are coming out, but they will probly not be in my price range
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