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In the past few months, it seems like my computer is acting stranger and stranger.

First of all, my internet connect (DSL) has lost half of its download speed for no reason and has stayed this way for about 2 months. I contacted my isp but they didn't really help at all. I tried downloading the latest drivers for my modem..still nothing. I did virus and spyware scans and I pretty much have nothing (minor spyware detect but I deleted it). Also an icon came up on the taskbar that says "Local Area Connection Status: Limited or No Connectivity".I tried clicking on "repair" but it says "cannot be repaired because ip address cannot be changed". I'm pretty sure my DSL connection is DHCP, meaning it rarely changes IP adresses (what I was told on another forum).

Another problem that just happen in the past two weeks is that all P2P programs and a program called Soulseek (not sure if its a P2P program) stopped working. You guys may not be a fan of downloading like other forums I've been on, but this is weird and it may be related to my other problems so I thought I'd mention it. Limewire says "unable to unitialize and start". I tried disabling windows firewall and this does nothing. I also tried adding Limewire to the firewall "exceptions" list and this also did nothing. As for the program Soulseek, it says "cannot connect to server, the server may be down" I know for a fact the server is up as it says its up on the site and my friend is using it. I tried reinstalling both programs and this did nothing. Again, this is another strange problem I've been having.

I uninstalled Java awhile ago because I wasn't using it at the time. I recently tried to reinstall it but an error came up about my internet connection not allowing it. I tried disabling my firewall and many other things but this didn't fix the problem. Finally, I fixed it by having to download the program offline. This is still strange however..

Another problem is that my ping has been higher than usual. I have tested my ping and its about 80-150 on most sites. About a month ago, it was 20-80. I have no clue why this is happening.

Lastly, Explorer and Firefox have been acting strange. Sometimes Firefox does nothing when I click "back" or something on a site or takes forever to go to another page. Also, on Gamespot forums, it'll cut off near the end of the last post and I'll have to highlight the text and drag down to see the rest of the post. This is another weird problem that has been happening just recently.

If you know how to solve any of these problems PLEASE help me! Thank you in advance!
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  1. Try a different ethernet cable.

    Are you using a router?

    Ping your localhost or and check your Ping times.
    Ping your Router, check your ping times.
    Ping your gateway/ISP and check your ping times.

    Try a tracert to a website to see what happens.

    It could be a DNS problem with your ISP. It could be that your phone lines were damaged 2 months ago in a storm/ice/wind/snow/etc.

    Have you had a technician come out to test your phone lines? Inside the house and the public outside lines?

    You should have some form of a firewall in place, either a router or software. If not, you could be getting slammed by another machine and getting used as a zombie.

    You can test your internet connection by going out to or and doing their broadband/performance tests.

    If that's the case, it's something on the ISP end most likely. In which case they'll probably need to rip/rebuild you in their top end routers.
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