Upgrade: X800XL to X850XT is it worth the trouble?

Hey all.

Just a quick question, would it be worth me upgrading my vid card from my X800XL (AGP) to either a X850XT or a 7800GS?

I've looked at some benchmarks (3DMark05, etc) and the results are tempting. Just want to get some advice/other opinions on the subject!

My current rig is:

Athlon64 3200+ @ 2.2GHZ (Skt 754)
1GB Kingmax Super-ram
Xpertvision 256mb X800XL
Seagate 120 Gig HDD
500 Watt PSU

Cheers in advance! :)
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  1. Not unless you've got money burning a hole in your pocket. It's an upgrade, but you're probably better off saving your money, and upgrading everything once Vista and DX10 have had time to mature. That set up should last you a bit longer.
  2. I wouldn't bother. Save money for a whole new rig.
  3. One more no vote. They are better for sure, but not good enough to be considered a worth-while upgrade unless you have the means to trade up at little cost to you.

    Look at these performance charts as all three the cards you mention are in them. http://www.ixbt.com/video2/agp-2k6-d.shtml#p18
  4. i agree keep your card and wait until
    oh say around spring of next year
    then think about an upgrade
  5. Good advice from some of the best in the bizness!

    I'll sit back and start saving my pennies and then *imitates Elzar from Futurama* BAM!! a whole new system. COOL! 8)

    Thanks to everyone who responded, your advice was much appreciated!

    Cheers!! :D
  6. no, save for something nice like a 7900 GT. that's just burning money for not that much of an upgrade.
  7. he is on agp :lol:
  8. I wasn't aware they made an agp version of the x800xl ...
  9. Yup, they do. It uses the Rialto PCI-e to AGP bridge chip, and the card is huge.

    Here's my X800XL AGP below a 9800 pro.

    And here is a slightly faster AIW X800XT (native AGP) along with the same 9800 pro.
  10. Quote:
    I wasn't aware they made an agp version of the x800xl ...

    They sure did make them. That was from the last generation of cards for both ATI and Nvidia, where many of the cards were still AGP. Though the decent AGPs, even older cards, are getting harder to find.
  11. Like others have said, save your money for a new rig. Then, when AGP is well and truly dead, you can sell that card on eBay for a decent price, as it's still one of the better AGP choices out there.
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