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Hi guys.

Sorry if a thread like this has already been done, but I wanted to create a nice handy thread where the TH guys can look at all the recent problems that forum users have been experiencing.

My problems...

-Random pinying (Chinese characters) inserted into both mine and other people's posts. It's only a few characters and not on every post. I've only noticed this on computers that have a Japanese IME though (I don't use Chinese IME's); however, I do use more than the one computer with the IME (set to direct input for TH, of course), and it happens on every computer I use.

-Even though I have the "notify me when reply is posted" set to on, the notifications are either very slow to come or they don't come at all. Which means that if someone replies to this thread I may not notice because I won't know.

Post your problems (I wonder how many "TH lags and I get double posts" will come).

P.S. No, that's not an invitation to double post everything... even though some of you probably will :lol:
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  1. I was looking through my profile and fixing things that got changed with the update, and I noticed this nice section where I could edit my toolbar... it looks like I would be able to add the "quote" and "reply" buttons that I seem to be missing, only I can't, because the options seem kinda borked... does anyone else get this? Its not a huge biggie, but its kind of frustrating... It could be due to my Firefox extensions, perhaps; although disabling NoScript didn't help.
  2. You're not seeing those two buttons at all ?
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