recently purchased a dell with "Windows 7". Previously had Outlook Express. When I wanted to send an internet article I would just click the file drop down and send via e-mail to a contact in my Oulook express address book. Doesn't work with Windows 7. Very fustrated. Suggestions.
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  1. Outlook Express no longer exists in the form we used to know it. Windows Live mail is the replacement.

    Or as an alternative you can use Thunderbird.
  2. It's not an issue with Win7 - the same thing happens in Vista if you're using IE 7 or IE 8.
    See if this will help you out: http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/162/1/Page-by-E-Mail-and-Link-by-E-Mail-options-are-grayed-out-in-Internet-Explorer-in-Windows-Vista.html

    Or you could use Firefox as your web browser.
  3. Vista included an updated version of Outlook Express simply titled "Windows Mail".... so the "issue" as you state was NOT present in Vista either. You can download a package called Windows Live Essentials which includes Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail; plus a few other programs that you can choose to install or not to install. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from using Windows Live Mail on XP or Vista either.
  4. Go to Incredimail.com. FREE looks like outlook express.
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