AEGIS Prtocotl (IEEE 802.1x) v2.3.1.7 and its use

When I do right click to NIC (Broadcom 570x Gigabit Integrated Controller ) card on my laptop Dell Latitude D600, then properties --- > then under "Components checked are used by this connection "--->AEGIS Prtocotl (IEEE 802.1 x ) v2.3.1.7 .

I am aware that we configure (enable) the same protocl (dot1 x ) on a Cisco switch for port Authentication.

Do we enable this protocol on a PC to exchange authentication,,,with other device ?

Do this protocol run over TCP/IP ?

On my laptop if I highlight (to do test) "AEGIS Prtocotl (IEEE 802.1x) v2.3.1.7" the Properies tab is gray (unactive),,,is this normal ?
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  1. Aegis 802.1x is used to connect to an authentication system - extra security for a LAN.

    It works with TCP/IP but doesn't run over it. Aegis is it's own protocol, using it's own Port for authentication and what not.

    The Properties tab is grayed out because you're not able to configure it. It's a predefined 'standard' that doesn't allow for changes to be made. It's for authentication and has strict settings.
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