Asus P5B Bios Beeps Question

Hello All,

This is my first build, everything went together good. However, I am unable to Post. I think that is the right term, I'm unable to get anything at all on my screen. So, with all the components installed, I get no beeps at all. If I remove my ram, I will get 1 long beep followed by 2 shorter beeps. I am guessing that ram is not compatable? System Specs:

Core 2 Duo E6400
Asus P5B MB - The Basic One
G.Skill 667 2X1G
Radeon X800GTO

Thanks for any help.
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  1. does your monitor come out of stand-by?
    i.e does the light change from orange when the pc's off to green when you turn it on?
  2. Does it make the noise when the ram is inserted into the slots? If so then it means that your ram not working. The reason for your beep code when you take the ram out is because it is trying to tell you there is no ram. Hense you have 3 areas, which I think could be the problem in this order. 1.) Ram 2.) Power Supply 3.) Motherboard. My advice is to take it to a local computer repair place (Not best buy unless its your only choice) and get them to run diagnostics on your comp (Euro Soft PC Check if possible) And you will know what is wrong. Here in Texas where I work we charge $39 for diagnostic test, so I would assume you could expect something like that for the charge. Also if you have any other spare parts by any chance then you can just guess can check to see if you can find which is not working properly!


  3. No, I get no beeps at all, when the ram is installed. I also tryed each stick in each slot individually, with no luck. Also to answer the other question, my monitor only comes on to display the make of the monitor. It comes on and says Acer, then goes to "no signal". I bought this ram, because it said it was 1.8 - 2.0 volts, hoping I wasn't going to have any mob/ram issues. You think the ram is bad, or just not able to post with it? I'd be willing to pickup another set of ram, if anybody has some good ideas. Thanks for the help, its really appreciated.
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