Best AGP + S939 Motherboard still available...anywhere

I can get an Asrock Dual Vista motherboard which is s939 with agp and PCI-e 16x... but the reviews havn't been the greatest.

I have an A8V-MX with a San Diego that is BEGGING for some increased voltage... and the HT only goes to 1600 and not 2000... so I would like something better.

What would you all suggest?

What can I still find?

Is the Asrock AGP/PCIE motherboard for 120$ canadian worth it?

I need voltage control... 2000htt...full speed AGP... and a nice 939 socket for my FX to be.
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  1. The ASRock is the best with AGP. DualSATA2 with Vcore mod for 1.55v FTW.
  2. I bought my Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra 939 bout 2 months ago, not sure if it's still around on the etailers

    voltage can be changed, not sure how much cause im at work 1.57+ ?
    heaps of settings in bios to play with that i cant recall atm
    gigabit lan + 10/100 marvell
    onboard sound
    four dimms support dual channel ddr400
    4 pci
    4 sata I
    bios update for dual core at gigabyte site

    I Bought this after my K8t Neo 2 got blown up by a surge and it's served me well so far, not as many features as my old board but the only agp 939 mobo i could find that wasnt in the low end.
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