Fans Surging -- LEDs Flashing -- E6700 Struggling?


Just finished my first homebuilt system.

Intel E6700
Intel 965LT MB
Antec 550EPS12V -- 550W PS
2G Crucial 1.8V 667 RAM
WD 150GB SATA Raptor HD
EVGA 7900GS Vid Card
Lite-On 16x DVD burner

First thing I noticed was the fans are surging when I boot the machine. It's a rythmic surge about every other second -- nonstop until I turn the machine off. My case happens to have an LED fan in the front and an LED fan in the back. When they surge, the LEDs blink.

Everything else seems to be okay. Everything boots fast -- did the Windows XP install in about 10 mins. Windows seems to be working well.

The surging/revving has me concerned. Does anyone know what could be causing this? PS overloaded? BIOS? On board fan control? Is the power fluctuating too when this happens? The only time the fans are steady are for about two seconds after the machine restarts.

I haven't been able to find any info in the Forumz or other forums. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Sounds like the Power Supply to me.
  2. Definately sounds like a power issue. That Antec is a pretty solid PSU though, never heard of a problem like this with one. Check all your connections, make sure nothing is loose. Are the fans/led's hooked directly to the psu, or are they hooked onto the mobo first. If they're hooked to MB, it could be a bios issue. Or just a bad mobo.
  3. Perhaps it's the PCM fan control some motherboards provide, where they pulse the power to the fans to control speed. If it is this then I think the motherboard might be going haywire. Check to see if there are any controls for fan speed in the BIOS and turn the fans full on. That way you may be able to locate the issue.
    I have experienced a similar thing with an underpowered power supply... but I can't see why that would be the issue with a 550w Antec box (unless it is just faulty).
    It might also be worth checking the case fans don't have their own variable speed controls built in ( like temperature sensors ) I have read about issues from having more than one type of speed control on the same fan.
    Good luck with your issue.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. The MB has three fan jacks -- front, rear, and alt. I plugged the rear fan into the alt jack and fan/LED is steady on high. Front fan is still fluctuating.

    I'm thinking more it's a MB fan control issue or (as stated above) an (in)compatibility issue with the variable speed fans. I've tried different settings in the BIOS but haven't been able to get them to run on high. The settings are for temp and sound, aggressive and normal. Fans and LEDs still fluctuate and flicker no matter which setting I choose.

    I'm going to work it from the MB/BIOS end for now -- if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to post. I'll post again if anything changes.
  5. I take it your fans are connected straight to the mobo? What if you tried connecting them to a molex on the PSU? Try that and see if they are steady. That might narrow the problem down.
  6. If your M/B has the Cool and Quiet fan feature in the CMOS, disable it.
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