nvidia 6100 vs 6150

whats the performance difference between 6100 and the 6150 integrated video, and what would be an equivalent pci express video card.

i am asking because i am going to build a home theater pc, but i dont know if the integrated video will be good enough or not. i plan to use it to watch ripped deeveedees and as a snes/playstation emulator.

so far my specs are

3500+ 939
500gb seagate 7200 hd
2gb crucial 2700
1gb samsung 2700

i wonder will i have a bottleneck with my ram?

i guess i should buy a video card if i want to do dvi to hdmi....

ill appreciate any input.
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  1. Both of these integrated video solutions are so bad there's no point in comparing.
    Even if you don't plan on doing any gaming with your system, you'd probably be best off with something like a Radeon X1300 256MB 128-bit VIVO PCI Express x16 All-In-Wonder for the home theater setup. It's cheap and it'll likely do everything you want it to.

    One thing that'd help on the rest of your build is to know what parts you're recycling, as what you have posted looks unusual for starting out.
  2. just get a gf6600 its about the same price as the x1300
    and its much better.. it comes with DVI :) and its pretty good with games if you ever deside to play ?
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