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I was disappointed to learn that I cannot use the Linksys WMCE54AG because I do not have Windows Media Center Edition 2005. Nor, it seems, is WMCE2005 something I can add in to my existing XP Pro OS. I am not about to buy a new PC. Two questions 1) I have an 120-gig hard drive...would this be a situation where I would or could set up two o/s-es to avail myself of the WMCE2005 capabilities, or would there still be hardware requirements and 2) I am interested primarily in getting Internet Radio stations to play through my home entertainment NAD T-743 A/V center. Would there be an alternative way of doing this, so that I could avoid the whole problem of needing the Windows Media Center?
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  1. Interesting problem.

    I see 2 options you have available.

    First, you could install a second OS on your drive and access your files that way. This would be Media Center edition. It's fairly simple and you would need to boot to that OS to use the WMCE54AG.

    But, you could also try virtual desktop in which you install a second OS on your computer but it runs within your Windows XP installation.

    Microsoft Virtual PC or other Virtual PC software is what you'd want. This would allow you to run a seperate instance of an OS on your computer. It's good stuff and it's used a lot during demos of software on multiple platforms. Check into it and that would be a good option.

    But, just buying Media Center Edition might just be easier and starting over.
  2. Riser is right you can use virtual desktop but this also needs really good hardware specs with VM ware you can run your main os and the Media center at the same time but you will need a really strong computer I would make sure you have good amount of ram. As you did not provide any pc specs I am just guessing. Or you can join the World of APPLE because having the linksys and no Media center os that is based off of XP home not Pro just so you know the linksys is just a huge waste of money. I play internet radio from my Mac and XP pro computer all the time I got Apple Air port and i use itunes to play my mp3s and my radio that comes loaded in itunes. windows media center still needs some work in my mind I have seen the sony and HP systems and on the tv they looked like crap even on a flat screen. I would wait save your money and return the linksys. There is alot of new things comeing out there year i would not rush into something.
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