Cant connect ethernet with my 2nd computer

I was recently writting a letter and pressed the stand by button. When i tried to wake up my computer it didnt work. So i restarted it, I walked over to my main computer and got that one back online however on the modem where E1 (main computer) has a solid green light and E2(my other computer) have no light. Its like its never connected. I restarted the modem and got my main computer back and the 2nd one still continue to fail. I change the ethernet cable and still dosent work. I tried doing a ping test (ipconfig) but the dns suffix field is blank and the default gatewayis blank as well.
I turn off the firewall and still dosent detect my other computer.
Im not sure what could be causing this, could a ethernet port malfunction that seem to be giving me the problem?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like a failing network card. I would get another network card and try that.
  2. Check to see if have DHCP enabled or disabled. If you're not getting a green link light, depending, 2 things could be your problem:

    DHCP is disabled.
    NIC is bad.

    Since you restarted and already tried a different cable. Make sure the NIC is still installed in Device Manager also.
  3. No link light = bad NIC/cable. I have never seen DHCP cause this problem, as most of the time the light comes on when you boot the machine and have a cable plugged in. Riser may be correct though.

    My experience has been that when the light is out you have a bad cable or card.
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