Anybody else having problems using Antec PSU with S3/DS3?

Hi everybody,

I just recently saw a post claiming an incompatibility issue between Antec PSU's and the DS3. It appears that the PSU is causing the board to malfunction. Has anybody else with this setup experience any problems? I have an Antec TP 550w and S3 mobo on order and would like to know if I should just exchange the PSU for another brand or take my chances with the Antec.

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  1. .......well I haven't gotten any replies in two days, I guess I'll use the Antec since I already have it.
  2. I saw something about this as well. I have an Antec Truepower II 430w and configured a Gigabyte 965P-S3 just fine (Newegg sent me the wrong board)... :( When I hooked up my DS3 I forgot to set the voltage on the ram up to 2.1 v when I upped the timings to the factory defaults of 4-4-4-12 (had been working fine on S3). After clearing the CMOS using the jumper pins, removing the battery overnight, and trying two other 1.8 v sticks of RAM, I RMA'd the board because it still would not post. I hooked everything back up to the S3 and it still worked fine. For some reason clearing CMOS won't reset the ram timings to default (I used F5 bios). My GEIL DDR-800 4-4-4-12 2.1v had been running fine on my S3. Gigabyte told me to upgrade to F6 bios, which was released two days after I killed the DS3.

    In summary - I don't think Antec has a problem, I am just a noob.
  3. I dont think ANY PSU has problems with this board. It first started out being Fortron PSU having problems and now Antec? People just need to get their facts straight about what a PSU does. It converts your walls AC into DC current @ 3.3, -5, 5, 12 etc. I would have no clue how these other people come up with compatability issues with a PSU and a component. It's either the component is faulty or the PSU. All the rails would have ample current to run the DS3.

    Then again when rumors spread, it somehow becomes a fact.
  4. thanks for the replies.........I don't mean to spread any rumors, just noticed that post in the overclocking forum and wondered if there was validity to it. Anyhow, the rest of my components arrive today so time to start building :D
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