Mini R120 Liquid Cooling work on Conroe ?

mmm somebody knows if the AQUAGATE Mini R120 Liquid Cooling is compatible with Conroe Family ?

Type Liquid Cooling
Fan Size 120mm
Compatibility Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478/LGA 775) processors
Intel Pentium Xeon (Socket 603/604) processors
Intel Celeron (Socket 478) processors
Intel Celeron D Socket 478/LGA775) processors
AMD Sempron (Socket A/754) processors
AMD Athlon XP (Socket A) processors
AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 754/939/940) processors
Bearing Type Long life sleeve braring
RPM 800 ~ 2800RPM
Air Flow 106.917CFM
Noise Level 21.3 ~ 35.32dBA
Power Connector 3 Pin

But is Works On Conroe family ? its the same socket ...
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  1. Can't see any reason why a 775 waterblock clip wouldn't work on any 775 socket. Should be ok. Although the reviews I've read would place the very similar Thermaltake Tidewater as performing significantly above the Aquagate 120.
  2. The Mini R80 and R120 have adapters that make it compatible with any LGA 775 mounted CPU. Just be mindful that those all-in-one cooling loops were not made for any overclocking as their performance under normal idle is worse than some quality air coolers.
  3. How much is first and secon loops ?
  4. umm...How much are the first and second loops? Whose? Mine? How much did I spend on my loops?

    or have I completely missed your question?
  5. 1st Loop
    226w peltier CPU waterblock
    Meanwell 300 SE12
    ViperFang-II GPU Waterblock
    MCP655 Pump
    2 external dual 120mm rads

    2nd Loop
    NB Waterblock
    Mosfet waterblocks for PWM1, PWM2, PWM3, PWM4
    MAG II LE Pump
    Internal 120mm rad

    1st and 2nd are liquid cooling kits right ? how much are those cooling kits ? both are for conroe family ?
  6. Well, not exactly kits. I've modded a few things. The first loop is part of a kit, the MCW5002-775T from Swiftech. The ViperFang-II is a custom GPU waterblock built by ViperJohn. The dual rads have four 120mm fans each in a "push-pull" configuration. All told, the first loop probably cost me around $900. The current system it is in is the third system I have used it on. It's 1/2 ID.

    The second loop is not from a kit. I used parts from various cooling companies like Danger Den, Aqua Computers, Innovatek, etc. I have a particular fondness for Abit motherboards and, since I wanted to cool the CPU voltage regulators (to help with overclocking the CPU), I had to come up with mosfet coolers. There are 4 sets of voltage regulators on an Abit AB9PRO, pwm1, pwm2, pwm3, pwm4. I found water blocks for pwm1 & pwm2. Since pwm3 & pwm4 are next to each other, and no one makes a waterblock for them, I modded a GPU waterblock made my Innovatek for them. This second loop didn't really cost me much compared to the first one - probably around $200. This loop is 3/8 ID

    The only thing they have in common is that they both use the same reservoir.
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