Windows 7 slow boot times

Ok i'm having a major issue with loading times on my windows 7 pc.

every time i boot my pc it takes 5 mins or more for the hdd to stop loading files and for the computer to become responsive, after which it runs reasonably fast, but the hdd is always actively seeking. (it used to run near instantaneous but now it's taking it's sweet time and then some)

i've tryed virus scans, spyware scans, i've also found and removed some stubborn malware i never knew existed.

uninstalled old programs, cleared temps, disk chkd, dfrg, system restored, used msconfig and disabled any unneeded apps but there has been no improvement.

any methods to cure this would be much appreciated, i'm willing to learn any of the information pertaining to a solution, so a point in the right direction would be awesome.
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    Try running a "start up repair" to see if that solves your issue:

    Otherwise, I'd recommend backing up anything that you find vital and reinstalling Windows.
  2. You're not by chance using Norton Antivirus are you? When I built my latest computer, I tried the 90 day Norton trial that came with my motherboard and I was getting very slow boot times. There were two times during the boot that the hard drive would stop loading Windows for maybe a minute or so before resuming. I wasn't sure what was causing the problem.

    When the trial ran out I went back to my usual antivirus and the problem was gone.
  3. buwish: i ran the startup repair no change, going to buy disks to back up my personal data.

    Max Colodi: i'm using virgin security, my harddrive runs fine it's just take a while to stop loading background data, the thing i dont get is the cpu usage and memory useage are very low.

    faizanshakybc: dude that's a weird name, but all i can say is i've used ms config to take any unnecessary programs of the boot list and services, also i'm not to familiar with the registry so i don't feel to confident on touching that with anything, besides i'm going to do a fresh reinstall after i back up my files. I would like to fix this problem without a reinstall of windows, i feel i could learn something but the quickest method does seem to be nuking the hdd and installing windows again.

    Thank you for the help, i didn't expect to get any reply's at first.
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