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This will be my first wireless network and I have some questions. First of all my setup: I have one PC with broadband internet on the 2nd floor of my house. I have 2 PC's in the basement (2 stories down), and those two are on a wired 10/100 connection. I want to share my upstairs PC's internet to just ONE of the PC's downstairs, that is already on a network.

1. Linksys is the best for range right?

2. Would it be best to use the setup I've seen this guy mention earlier, a 802.11b Wireless router with a signal booster, being recieved by a PCI 802.11b card in the basement. B/c I think range is the issue, and 802.11g doesn't have a signal booster (in the U.S.)

3. Would I be o.k. running a 2nd network with the PC downstairs? It's already running a 10/100, would there be a conflict by adding a second network?

4. Finally, would a boosted 802.11b give me enough bandwidth to play multiplayer games?

Keep in mind I have an old house with some plaster, and the signal must go though two floors, any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Why would you want to disconnect the wires? Cat5 is going to work much better.

    Your best bet if you HAVE to have wireless down there would be to run a wired connection to another WAP. Then you would have an awesome signal.

    B provides enough bandwidth for any internet application. It just might introduce a little more lag
  2. I cannot run a wire down the two stories, wireless is my only option right now.

    But your double WAP idea sounds intriguing, I never thought about that. Definitly more expensive though, guess I'll try my original idea, and if it's not enuf, your idea could be worth a try.

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  3. instead of getting a signal booster (which are expensive too), you could get a directional antenna that aims down to the basement. They work great outdoors so should work well getting a signal to your basement. It could limit your ability to roam around the house with a laptop though.
  4. I have no intent of using a laptop, that idea is also good, I didn't think about the antennas b/c they only are sold online if you look for them. You mean one like this right?
    <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>

    So I'd hook that up to the 802.11b router, aim towards the basement and my signal strength would be improved to the point where I could play online games with lesser and more acceptable lag? Or would i have to use two 54mbps WAP's, one being 1/2 way on the 1st floor? I've heard a strong 802.11b signal is enough for games but I'd like your opinion too. Thanks!

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  5. Hmmm, actually I'm leaning towards the Netgear 54mbps Access Point now.

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  6. You wouldn't need to WAPS, you could connect an antenna to the PCI card on the PC you want in the basement.

    I couldn't click on that pricewatch link, didn't work.
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