Please Help - New To Overclocking

I'm new to overclocking and would like maximize my system performance.

Current build: (Built 08/06)

Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Socket 775
Intel Core2 Duo E6700 2.67Ghz Socket 775
OCZ 2048MB PC8000 DDR2 1000MHz Platinum XTC
Enermax 600W nVidia SLI Certifed Power
BFG GeForce 7950 GX2 1GB PCIe
2 WD Caviar 320GB SATA-3G HD RAID0
ThermalTake Tsunami Series Aluminum ATX Mid-Tower Case

I would appriciate any help with this matter. Not sure if I should just allow Asus NOS software to configure overclock.
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  1. i wouldnt recommend the auto ocing.

    you have a pretty fast set up already. but if you want
    to oc then go into the bios and start by raising the
    fsb a little at a time say 10mhz at time.

    do one thing like the fsb. dont up volts and fsb at the same time
    things like that

    also read the stickys here in the forums on ocing.
  2. As you overclock keep an eye on the temperatures. You will have to back down if the temperatures get too high or add cooling mechanisms in order to continue.
  3. evo is right i forgot about temps

    monitor your temps at stock hell monitor everything you can at stock
    get use to everything.

    then oc a little monitor for a day or more then try going up alittle
    more and so on

    good luck

    EDIT on my amd 3700 i got it to 2730mhz (stock 2200mhz)
    with no vlt bump and temps were same no change
    if you oc to a point where you have to up the vlts to go
    higher then you will really start seeing a rise in temps
  4. check this post out, very knowledgable author whom you will see allover the forums...
  5. wusy's guide is very helpful. i've used a few of his tips in his oc guide
  6. Thanks for all the advice.
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