New to PayPal, any help is appreciated!!!

Im trying to pay via paypal

I live in South Africa and i need to transfer my funds via some way or another.

Im lost in paypal. i have done the necessary things to activate it etc but i dont know where to go from there.

I have the account details and that stuff from but i dont have their paypal email.

How does this process work?

Here are 2 screenies:

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More about paypal appreciated
  1. Some where on the PayPal website there should be instructions on how to use it. If your buying something, just Click on the pay with PayPal and enter the information. If you're taking money in, really don't know but again should be instructions on the PayPal site. I would absolutely never directly respond to any PayPal E Mail. PayPal has an E Mail protocol, read that as well
  2. Thanks, i will try.
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