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Hi, This has been ongoing for the past years upon years and Iv'e been trying to fix it but don't know what's wrong. Ok every 4-6 hours of every day my internet will disconnect for about 10-25 seconds and then it will connect back up. I have SBC Yahoo DSL and a Linksys Router. Iv'e always been to the conclusion that the Router is old or there is something wrong with the router. Can anyone say as to is there some option in the router that needs to be turned on, off or has anyone ever had this problem? I just don't get it and it's constant every 4-6 hours. Thank You to all who helps me out
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  1. I've had a similar problem with Linksys routers before (BEFSR41/BEFSR81 and probably some other models) and of others that had this problem. I personally have always had cable (only two different ISP's) sicne I've had broadband.
    I'm not sure if the newest firmware solves this issue as I have long since replaced my Linksys routers with an old PC as my router, but you may want to try updating your firmware if you haven't already.
  2. Try upgrading the firmware on the Linksys router. You may also want to check with SBC on your phone lines. They can run some tests to check the quality or if something else is going on that would cause your connection to drop. Older phone lines or certain things happening can cause drops.

    Is it consistent around the same time or day or random, but every X amount of hours?
  3. It is consistent like I get home from school at 3pm after noon and I can expect my internet to disconnect sometime soon around 3:30 or 4pm
  4. If it happens around a specific time, that may well be an ISP related issue. It's hard to say unless you try some things. Such as seeing if you can stay connected if you are directly connected to the modem (I sound like ISP tech support here lol). Or if you could try another router if a friend happened to have a spare or you could make one out of an older PC.

    Try the firmware update first though.
  5. ahhahahahhahahahah aww thanks for the laugh, you sound just like SBC, SBC told me the same thing to try and connect directly lol, I have a quick question I read in the manual it says to use FPTP programs to install the new firmware, can someone reccomend a program to use? Thanks And also we were going to try a different router too but we were gonna wait to have someone put it in because I'm not sure what settings if any we have saved on this router.
  6. Solarwinds TFTP program is free and used a lot to copy flash images and config files to and from Cisco routers. But I was thinking that Linksys used to included a TFTP program with the firmware when you download unless they've changed that.
    There's also a section in the router itself that will allow you to upload the firmware but TFTP probably would be safer. Still shouldn't have any problems either way.
  7. Thanks for your help
  8. Bump^

    I have this same problem, between 3:50-3:56 PM EVERY afternoon no matter what day my net will disconnect this booting me from AIM/Online games (WoW, BF2) anything.

    I'm using a linksys BEFSR41 v1.3 *im pretty sure thats that version without having to go upstairs and look at it*
    -Comcast High-Speed, northern baltimore region.

  9. Well it's nice to know that i'm not the only one in the world with the same problem
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