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So, i did my first build, and it did not go especially well, I thought the turn marking on the heatsink (freezer 7 pro) was to lock, not release, so i think i screwed up the thermal paste, and now, the cpu fan turns off after the first bios screen. Also, when i try to boot with an ubuntu boot disk, it goes "uncompressing linux...ok booting the kernel" then it gets to mounting root partition and goes back to the previous screen and stays there, could this be an HD problem, do i need to format it first? (seagate 7200.10 320GB)

other than that i assume(hope) it is working, and i am going to install windows later
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  1. format it, just to be safe, that is if there's nothing on there. 8)
  2. Ok, its all set up, and i have overclocked it to 2.66 Ghz at 50c dual prime
    before i go any farther, what are safe temps for this proc?
  3. The thermal specs from Intel state the chip can handle up to 61.4C.... 50C seems a little high for 2.6..... did you use AS 5? or the stock thermal paste....
  4. also what program are you measuring the temps with? there seems to be a few problems with some temperature reading apps when using core 2 duo. (correct me if i'm wrong).
  5. That's not just with Core 2 chips. There is a variable margin of error between different applications for almost any processor.
  6. but there have been a particular ammount of problems with core 2 duo temp reading apps, i believe this is due to the ammount of digital thermometers on the chip (4 if im correct) compared to other dual cores. i hink im right someone correct me... :?
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