Athlon 64 X2 3800+ overclocking (2.0 ghz) ;)


Can I just follow the athlon 64 process of overclocking or is this a totally different beast? Also, if you have a similiar setup please let me know your process and results.

Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with stock cooling
Asus m2n-sli motherboard
Corsair ddr2 twinx1048-6400 5 5 5 12 1.9v

Thanks all!
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  1. If you are going to overclock your processor i really suggest you to change your stock cooling before trying anything cuz ok the cpu runs pretty quiet @32-36C but stock cooling doesnt do a very well job when you overclock and it can freeze your cpu and even damage.

    Asus have some nice software overclock if you dont know anything about clocking, its a good user friendly tool.
  2. You should be able to hit 2.4GHz with a modest VCC increase.
  3. What are you talking about? The OP states he has the X2. The A64 X2 3800 AM2 (Windsor/Brisbane) is 2Ghz. The single core (Orleans) A64 3800 AM2 is 2.4Ghz.
  4. Actually, after reading the subject line I can see where you made the error. NP.
  5. Meh...the M2N-SLI Deluxe is a good board, but in my experience with it it's not for overclockers. Without increasing the vcore, the most I could get was an 8% overclock, which put me at 2158MHz.

    And yes, I'm using the same parts he is.

    I haven't played around with voltages, and I don't think I will for a while. My CPU runs hot enough without feeding it more idles around 50C on stock cooling.

    So, I'm currently running it at stock speeds.
  6. holy crap

    50c on stock cooling at idle!

    perhaps a thermal compound problem?

    My single core Sandiego OC idles at 19C
  7. Well, I only used a dab of AS5. I may reapply over the summer, maybe even get a new HSF, but I haven't had any overheating problems of any kind so far. And my room at school is pretty warm.
  8. You should be able to hit 2.4GHz on stock voltage. 2.6GHz with minimal volt increase.

    (I know because I could do that with a cheapo ECS.)
  9. Quote:

    My single core Sandiego OC idles at 19C

    Idles on what???? 19C is a couple things. A) Water with cold environment.
    B) damn cold environment or C) bugged out temp reading, which is rather common I might add.
  10. Hey guys.
    I'm currently trying to overclock my
    X2-3800 (89W version)
    M2N-SLI (0307 bios)
    Corsair Twin2X 2048 5400C4. (corsair website says 4-4-4-12@333, but spd says 5-5-5-15)
    Win2000, ethernet/graphics drivers, nothing else.

    So far i'm concentrating on CPU Core overclocking, so i've:
    downed RAM multiplier to /8
    RAM timings to 4-4-4-12-15-2T
    downed HT multi to x4
    upped HT clock to 235MHz
    auto voltage
    stock cooling
    CnQ, Q-Fan control disabled

    So i've got (says CPU-z)
    Core: 2349.6MHz (idles@30C)
    HT: 939.8MHz
    RAM: 293.7MHz

    This seems to be as far as i can go without mucking the voltages, and where it gets confusing.
    CPU-Z reports my voltage as 1.216V.
    Asus PC Probe 2 reports my Vcore as 1.4V.
    SpeedFan says 1.22V
    Which to believe? When i change my VCore to anything but Auto (i've tried everything between 1.2-1.3V, and 1.4V), it doesn't boot, even with HT lower than 235MHz.

    Anyone else got this setup (or at least mobo)?
  11. OK, i've just noticed something weird.
    I put the HT back to 200, and voltage to auto.
    CPUZ & Speedfan both say Vcore ~1.22V, as before, and PC Probe says 1.4V

    Then i put the Voltage to 1.25V in bios.
    CPUZ & speedfan now say Vcore is 1.14V

    and now i've set it to 1.3V in bios, speedfan says 1.22V and PC Probe 1.36V (and Bios Hardware monitor says 1.38V).

    Set the Vcore to 1.4V in bios. Bios Hardware monitor says 1.47V. CPU-Z says 1.312, Speedfan 1.31V, PC Probe 1.49V.

    So it seems that there's 2 voltage detectors here. weird.
    anyway, i'll leave it at (alleged) 1.4V, back to the overclock...

    And it appears the wall has been hit. Can't get past 235MHz HT with a x10 multiplier. Put it down to 240 x9, with auto voltage, boots fine.
    One more try with 1.425V, and i'm giving up for fear of smoking it.
    OK, 239 x10 (2389.5 MHz) appears to work so far on 1.425V (cpu-z says 1.328V)
    Super pi 1M @ 37seconds, PC Probe says idling @ 38-40C, time to let this baby cool down, and work on RAM...
  12. Quote:

    Can I just follow the athlon 64 process of overclocking or is this a totally different beast? Also, if you have a similiar setup please let me know your process and results.

    Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with stock cooling
    Asus m2n-sli motherboard
    Corsair ddr2 twinx1048-6400 5 5 5 12 1.9v

    Thanks all!

    I really dont think its a good idea overclocking on stock hs/fan.
    Get a thermalright xp90 or the big 130mm zalman (pure copper) i have the zalman for the past two systems i built for myself its very nice.
  13. The 3800s are very good overclockers. Here is a sample of settings fvrom one of my home systems.

    If you overclock beyond 2.2, be sure to use a good CPU cooler. I use a Zalman copper heatsink and it works very well.

    Here are my BIOS settings:

    FSB Setting: 250 mhz

    HT Width: 4x (Instead of the stock 5x)

    Initial DDR Setting: 333mhz (remember that amd chips use an algorithm to arrive at the final ddr speed)

    CPU Voltage: 1.3875v (Instead of the stock 1.350v)

    PCIe Speed: Fixed at 100mhz

    PCI Bus: Fixed at 33.33 mhz

    Net result is 2501mhz CPU speed /w 34c Idle 51c Load Temps + 416mhz memory speed + 2000mhz HT speed
  14. Well I can say that I got to 2.25 GHz on stock on my x2 3800+, but it runs really hot (55C on load, which is pretty much all the time 'cause of F@H), so I have it at either stock or 2.15. I've got a Zalman coming in this week so after I install that I'll overclock a bunch more, hopefully I'll get to 2.4 or 2.5, then I'll be happy.
  15. I've found the best thing to make the best of the overclock is to reach 2.6 on the core, keep the DDR divider at 333mhz, and keep the HTT at 4x.

    What you end up with is DDR at 400mhz, HTT at a little over 1040, and a core at 2.6ghz. So, you get 600mhz on two cores. 1.2ghz clock increase. Not bad. I know what your thinking, 600 is alot when you hear about people talking hitting a limit at 2.5 or something. 2.5 is nothing for a 3800 x2. If your having problems at 2.5 then your memory timings are too tight or your not hitting enough voltage on the cpu and ddr OR your cooling solution is not up to the task. Here's mine -

    2.66ghz core clock, 1.5v

    10x CPU Multiplier, 4x HTT

    440mhz on DDR, 3.0v

    Everything that would even think about taking control is disable. Cool n Quiet... gone. Even thing on the motherboard that I'm not using is disable.

    If I forgot something or any of you have a question about my setup, let me know.
  16. I just don't understand this Zalman fetish, I just don't.
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