Any one shop at b4?

I was browsing and saw that they had a Ferrari computer system avaliable a while back, but now it seems that its missing. i was hoping to put this setup in my garage.

has anyone shop from them before? they seem to have pretty good prices.
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  1. no one has shop from them before?
  2. I bought my $50 wireless keyboard n mouse from them. They work pretty well, but I usually have to change batteries once a month for either the keyboard or the mouse which is kind of annoying to me (energizer batt's btw...) besides that, They have a few things that are cheaper than other stores but overall I find that ilync computers, which is a small walk away from their richmond branch, has cheaper prices but a bit smaller selection for certain components; although you can still ask if they have the item you're looking for.
  3. that other site u mention seems to look pretty crappy and doesn't offer really nice looking computers

    how is's quality for systems?? I cant seem to find any reviews
  4. it depends on the system to know the quality, check their specs to see what they got. btw, if you're gonna choose the items yourself that you want built, you'll have to pay for them to have it installed.
  5. i bite the bullet and ordered a media center PC from them. so far its been nothing but awesome. took them just 1 week to get my system together and shipped in front of my house, best thing was, this only cost under $1000!!

    I think i'll be buying another computer from them soon for my business.

  6. nice I am going to order a... one of these: seeing that my chipset can hit 70C for a few seconds i think it's needed and these guys are the only ones to have it in stock so here goes nothing
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