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Hi guys. I'm a student studying in the Uk and i recently got me a semi-decent rig

P4 3ghz wit EM64T with 2gb or Kingston Value RAm 22r3 667Mhz.
It's mobo is a Gigabyte Nforce4 SLI Intel Edition.
As it has Spdif out, i was thinking of getting me a set of digital speakers.

Now, personally i don;t know much about speakers but my old Altec Lansing ATP3 were decent. I want to step up to 5 speakers but dont have the money and the availability of Klispch's and Logitech Z5300s.

I was thinking initially of the Logitech X530 and the Inspire 5800 theu and thought i would buy a cheap 2nd hand Audigy2.

But someone convinced me that i should get a set of digital speakers. Know i know the higher end Megaworks and Logitech are digital but its way out of my budget. I have about 40-50 GBP. I was thinking of getting the Creative Cambridge 580 as it's available on cheap from ebay. I know it has a sucessor - Inspire 5700 Digital but its not available for that price.

Those are my ideas so far. I was wondering if u audiophiles can teach a noob here on what to get.

I will be mianly watching downloaded movies, watching streamed sports channel on it and quite constantly listening to mp3 and ocasisonal CD music. Beause i have a EVGA turbo edition 7900GT in it, i am by default required to play some games to get my 160 pounds worth of it but i have to say i would put gaming as the last in the list of things i will do most with the speakers.

Oh great gurus. Do enlighten me.

Which do i get? Or any other suggestions?
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  1. i am currently using the Creative Inspire 5700 speakers , managed to get them for £40 from ebay a few years ago ...great speakers for all things . Was thinking of getting some new speakers myself ...i hear the Logitech X - 540 are great value ..only £50 and they sound just as good as more expensive speakers . Also the Creative Inspire T6100 have recieved good reviews from most people ...not bad price at around £40 .

    I`m not an expert though so just do plenty of checking and research before deciding , especially to find out if the speakers have the right connections you need and they will work with your system properly ...i have made a few errors with that over the years ..
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