Just out of interest...
I've seen alot of wireless antennas around for sale..

Where exactly do you attach them... what are they meant to replace.
To the Router antenna?.... or to the card receiver antenna?

So could I pick up a stronger signal simply by attaching one of these larger aerials to the card... or would I have to add it to the router in the first place?

Just for example.. this thing here..

I mean where do you put that? Router or card?

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  1. That particular one is for routers/bridges. You use it in lieu of your existing router antennae. They offer stronger signals than the OEM antennaes.
  2. Actually that would typically be better suited to a card attachment IF your card has an external antenna connector. MMX or MMCX usually. You could put that on your AP (your wireless router) but the antenna you linked to is a directional antenna. If it were your only antenna then behind the direction it's pointed would have virtually no coverage at all. If you only have one wireless client and don't plan on adding nodes, at least not in the same general area as the existing clients then it might buy you something on your WLAn.

    Ultimate a "cantenna" or any directional antenna would be used in a point to point environment, not a 360 degree WLAN coverage area.
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