First Info on the Quad Core Kentsfield

As an avid overclocker and speed geek, I can safely share some information on this awesome processor. We just received a sample batch as well as some ASUS motherboards for evaluation and fine tuning for our systems. This entire batch is running at 2.13 GHz so this might not be the fastest final product. All I can say after running my own tests today is that Intel will wipe the floor with AMD. This thing can do SuperPi 1M in just under 11 seconds. I can't risk trying to overclock it yet, but I think new world records are just over the horizon. Even with just a .5GHz overclock this thing should be able to break 9. Windows installed so quickly I though something wen't wrong, fortunately it was a good install.

This chip is 30% thicker than the conroe, Which means I had to cut the springs on the swiftech apogee waterblock just to be able to screw on the nuts. It's unusual for intel not to include a heatsink when they send us evaluation units so I figure they haven't even arranged with their vendor to adjust the height. It also probably means a new motherboard to those who want to upgrade. ASUS must be catching on to the fact that many users are overclocking their systems, this newest mother board has taken shinny copper heat pipes to a whole new dimension, what a beauty, like something out of Star Wars.

So far only SuperPi has been tested, I'm expecting that 3dmark scores will not be as wildly improved over the conroe, but we'll see.

I'll keep everyone posted and update more numbers as they come up.
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  1. Linkage or validate your scores please....I'm not taking anybody's word on unrealesed hardware thx.
  2. Nah...if its still pre-realesed hardware, nothings too late too hear about. But having proof you own such hardware would be nice.

    Even if its 11s -- a scaled C2D produces almost the same PI result...nothing impressive yet.

    BTW: When did Intel ship Asus boards? Did you recieve your mobo's from Asus or Intel? your post has me confused....
  3. But still...pre NDA numbers are always exciting, no matter how late they come. Although, what I'm seeing so far -- really isnt as tempting as I thought it would. I think I"m going to hold off for 4x4 or QC SF before making a decision.

    So we agree; his statement is flawed, we'll wait for proof.
  4. i think he's lying...takes ~5ghz to break 10s for c2d. in 1m. and more cores dont do crap...its just the extra cache.
  5. Look @ some of those scores, lotta people disable the 2nd core.
  6. In kind of discouraged with the replies I'm reading so I'll make this my last post and I'll leave it to Intel to announce specs on this product. I will add my observations today for those who care to listen with an open mind. And I will add that I'm not vouching for or guaranteeing these numbers, they are being run in a non scientific method by myself on what appears to be prototype hardware that may or may not make it to market.

    The heat spreader on these chips do not say q6600, As I listed in my post these chips are 30% thicker, I don't think they are q6600's, some of us at work today speculated that there is chip stacking going on, maybe this is something new from intel. Furthermore, it is correct that Intel usually doesn't ship chips with motherboards especially to companies that don't even use that vendor's products. It's also true that they usually include a heatsink with their chips which this time they didn't. Today we tested different memory and found that this motherboard self configured the settings to work faster with corsair pc8500 memory than slower ones. Of importance is that the boot screen does not show what GHz the processor is running at, until I load CPUZ and have time with it to myself I won't know. This looks like a truly self overclocking motherboard, or there is something unusual going on in it, it's clearly purpose built to dissipate large quantities of heat having 8 heat pipes and numerous fins which appear capable of attaching a perpendicularly mounted fan. Whatever this is I'm sure we'll soon find out. I'm happy to have been able to share this information with you all.
  7. Nobody is doubting your claims....were simply asking you to provide some type of proof to allow us to justify our belief that you have tested this hardware. Hell a CPU-Z screenie might even be enough.

    Kentsfield is a simplistic design, .....its not a "Quad core" its twin dual core...much like the Pentium D a "multi core" if you will.
  8. Quote:
    Please understand this isn't just your typical CPU forum which you can assume everyone will be curtious.
    This is the overclocking CPU forum and we do things here quite differently. We have world-class skeptics and assholes among this place in case you didn't realise.

    It's nice that you decided to share this info with us, unfortunately this just isn't the place to do so if you expect anyone to try learning something new.

    Fixt :!:
  9. Who the hell is this guy? And where in the hell do you get off posting such crap? Did you not read the OP? Its flawed, and especially for a first post, without evidence of ownership just coming out saying you own an unrealesed peice of hardware is rather bold.
  10. Hey guys, hold the hostility a second. I've never posted on a forum before so if I've done anything wrong, it's not intentionally. I'm hoping to possibly get some insight on this hardware myself. I dont own this hardware, I'm simply an engineer at Dell and I'm not trying to sell anyone anything.

    Yesterday I ran 3Dmark 06 straight from the startup screen and it hit 7800 pts with 6800 on cpu, using only 1 radeon 1900 xtx. I'm beginning to think this isn't a quad core but something more interesting. I'll try to run it in crossfire mode on monday and include photos. I'm excited because it seems intel has something up their sleeves.

    I'll take my camera to work and get some screenshots of superPi and cpuz and 3dmark and I'll include lots of photos of the processor and motherboard and let's take it from there.
  11. If your really an engineer at dell im pretty sure you would be under a NDA and somehow I doubt they are gonna let you waltz in and take photos of a product your company is legally bound not to disclose information about.

    But you claim differently. So show some proof. If you cant then your obviously lying.
  12. Dell engineer?

    Funny, I didnt think you guys would test unrealesed product at all aside from QA. Then again, to an extent I can see why.....we'll see what you post next.
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