Core2Duo 2.4Ghz serious heatproblems

I recently got a new mobo + Core2Duo 2.4Ghz.. But the CPU temperature is really high. Idle temperature is around 60 degrees and goes like 72-73 degrees while playing games like FarCry etc.
I use the original CPU-fan that come with the CPU and it feels correctly mounted when I check it.
Motherboard temperature is around 40 degrees..
My powersupply's fan (Elanvital Greenerger 500W) is only working when there is need for it (so it's usually turned off), but when I manually turn the fan on, the cpu temperature drops a few degrees.
Should I get a better CPU-fan? Hints anyone...
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  1. It seems as if some peeps are having issues with the stock coolers. I would opt for an aftermarket cooler for sure if your having problems. I use zalman coolers with my intel and AMD units. The CNPS7700 is a good one to use. I prefer to use these fans as they are very quiet and do a nice job as well as they actually bolt to the motherboard instead of using those little annoying feet that clip down.
  2. My local dealer says the 7700 fan is very heavy and should be taken into consideration if the computer is to be moved.. Not that I move my computer alot but still...
  3. Personally I would advise a Zalman CNPS9500. It's heavy as hell, but it cools my Athlon FX to ~41 under load.
  4. Well FYI, My 6600 is running between 26C and 35C with stock cooling and thermal pad... 6 case fans 5 in and 1 out + PSU...
  5. I got myself a CNPS9500 today and installed it.
    Currently my CPU temperature is 60 degrees and motherboard is 43 degrees. Just a few degrees cooler than the original fan.
    I have no case-fans, and as I mentioned my power-supply-fan is only in use for short periods normally so perhaps this has something to do with it..
  6. Why don't you use TAT to find the proc temps?
  7. ey man? did you solve your problem?? i have the same one too........
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