Any C2D/C2Q mobos with 4 RAM & 2 PCIx?

Any C2D/C2Q compatible mobos with 4 RAM slots and at least two PCIx? In the RAM slots, do they all have to have the same size stix, or could you go with 2x2GB and 2x1GB for a total of 6GB? Thanx in advance! :)
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  1. PCIx - do you mean PCI-X (64-bit PCI, usually found on server boards), or PCIe - graphics card slots (mostly).
  2. Quote:
    Any C2D/C2Q compatible mobos with 4 RAM slots and at least two PCIx? In the RAM slots, do they all have to have the same size stix, or could you go with 2x2GB and 2x1GB for a total of 6GB? Thanx in advance! :)


    i think pretty much all the full size at c2d mobo's from asus and gigabyte atleast have 4 slots total (2x2), and you should be able to work things in pairs for dual channel, dont expect any performance gain from 2+ gb of ram.
  3. i too am looking for a board like that. REASON=Vmware..

    Supermicro has a board with 4x pci-x slots. but either onboard video, or you need a pci vid, or pci-e 1x video card..
    And as for performance beyond 2gb, that is relative to what you are doing..
  4. Sorry about my lack of clarity.

    1) Definitely not 64bit PCI server, but the PCIe to run the PCI-x video cards.

    2) I'm only looking to throw as much RAM at Photoshop under Vista as it can eat. It allegedly has huge RAM headroom under the new OS and I'd really like to see what I can do with it as my current 1GB RAM Win XP Pro system is always running out of memory while running Pshop. (I open humongous files...)

    3) I need killer video. $1,000 budget just for the card(s). That's why I was looking for two slots.

    I'll check out Supermicro, Asus and Gig. Thanks!
  5. @wusy: Sorry. I'm a bit confused (but that's not unusual for me...) Are you saying that the ASUS P5WGD2-WS Pro is the only mobo that has 4 RAM and 2 PCIe slots?

    @mpilchfamily: Are there any mobos either out now or about to hit the market that would support more than 4GB RAM for Vista as well as having the double PCIe? I work on Pshop a lot but the killer video is for the Slingbox that I watch about 4 hrs a day. My image quality on the Sling is borderline now with the 6600 AGP 256MB, I'm completely stuck at 420Kbps up and down (have to move home on two continents to get faster internet) and right now if I have to pay a grand to watch the Bucs lose as something other than as pewter blobs in a green sea, I'll do it! :lol:
  6. Quote:
    ... the problem is the RAM density at 2GB/module is slow, unoverclockable and oftenly unstable(picky).

    So yeh, 4x1GB would be the way to go along with WinXP X64 as you said, but for a different reason as I mentioned above.

    This is a configuration that's strictly for a Vista system to be purchased in Q2 07. So even mobos that aren't out yet but are likely to be on the market by then should be considered. Thanks.
  7. Quote:
    You will not need a motherboard with 2 PCI- slots. As one video card will be fine for use in Photoshop. Like i said one midrainge card will work fine and support dual monitors if you like.
    If you check Newegg and look at the more exspencive motherboards they will alow you up to 8 gb of RAM. Most of witch have 2 or more PCI-e 16x slots. Sli will be a waist of mony in your aplication. Not to mention SLI boards for a C2D are few and far between.

    You're absolutely right that the killer vid is a waste for Pshop, but as I mentioned it's not for that app. It's to squeeze every possible pixel of clarity out of a really marginal Slingbox. I agree with you that NewEgg is great and in the times I've been in the USA, I usually stock up with them!

    That Intel BOXD975XBXLKR looks sweet! 8GB RAM and 3 PCI Express x16s! Yum! Given the hope that 2GB RAM sticks will have had some bugs ironed out by Q2 07, any thoughts on this mobo? Note, I have never and never will OC so that is irrelevant to the use of the mobo.
  8. OK, firstly, there's no such thing as a PCI-x video card. It's PCIe, or PCI-express. You'll confuse people by calling it PCI-x!

    Secondly, what on earth do you need a killer video subsystem for for a Slingbox? They have nothing at all to do with 3d graphics! The image quality is going to be totally unrelated to the graphics card - your 6600AGP will be doing things fine!
  9. Quote:
    (We took a lot of work during beta testing this forum to add that feature in :) )

    Might not be a bad idea to have an online user's manual for the mentally challenged... like me! :D

    As I said above, the specification of 965P/975X only goes up to 8GB(2GBx4), but is not recommended for stability/speed reasons.

    For over 4GB you'd have to seriously look at dual-socket workstation/server board that uses Xeon or Opteron to obtain maximum stability at that vast amount of RAM. Those boards have noramlly 8 DIMM slots and take the more stable and needed registered+ECC RAM.

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo... not reg ECC RAM! AAAAAAARRGGHHH!!!! :cry:

    I just love it how going to you get all this amazing hype about Vista accessing more RAM than Lt. Cmdr. Data's positronic matrix, but then the hardware isn't there to handle it. Sheesh!

    I really wanna avoid going to Xeon. I've got my heart set on Kentsfield. Looks like I might have to wait until Q2 07 and see if anything interesting has come out on the mobo front! :?
  10. @ mkaibear and mpilchfamily:

    I was under the (apparently mistaken) assumption that going with a massive graphics card would improve my Sling viewing. I take it that is not the case, huh?


    Looks like I'm just gonna have to go blind squinting!!!

    Any suggestions whatsoever on improving the Sling image quality that does not include getting a bigger internet pipe (which is emphatically not currently available at either end of my Slinging setup)?
  11. >any suggestions


    >that doesn't include getting a bigger internet pipe

    damn. Sorry.

    I think you're a bit OOL with regards to that... The speeds you were quoting are in no way fast enough for decent video :(
  12. Actually, that's a 64-bit, 66MHz PCI card, not a PCI-X card (which runs at 133MHz). It's fully compatible with PCI-X, but isn't a PCI-X card.
  13. The Sling end is about 50 miles away from the nearest fastest Net Pipe. I guess I just have to wait until the ISP brings that neighborhood into the modern day.

    The ISP on this receiving end keeps telling me that they're gonna turn the 4MB/256MB ADSL into 12MB/1MB but no sign of it yet. But according to what you guys are telling me, it's not my end that's gonna make the diff.

    Once again...


  14. That Matrox card is a PCI card. It claims it's a PCI card in the link you posted;

    >64-bit, 66 MHz PCI card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots

    It doesn't say it's a PCI-X card, it says it's a PCI card.

    The PCI standard deprecated 5 volt in version 2.3, and it was completely removed in version 3.0 - both of these standards are capable of 64-bit, 66MHz operation, running on 3.3V.

    PCI-X *does* run at 133MHz, it wasn't till the introduction of the PCI-X 2.0 specification that they introduced 266MHz and 533MHz variants.

    This card is a PCI card. It claims to be a PCI card, it meets the specifications of a PCI card. Why would it claim to be a PCI card rather than a PCI-X card, if it were a PCI-X card?
  15. >Nowhere does it state it's a PCI card nor a PCI-X card


    64-bit, 66MHz PCI card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X

    It does not state it's a PCI-X card. It states it's a PCI card. It does it specifically and unequivocally.

    If it's a PCI-X card, compatible with all PCI and PCI-X, why on earth wouldn't the description say "64-bit, 66MHz PCI-X card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X"

    You are getting PCI-X native and PCI-X compatible confused.
  16. Just had a quick google for some reviews / places that sell the Matrox.

    Trustedreviews says it's a PCI card; think it's a PCI card;

    Dabs think it's a PCI card;

    (I'm in the UK, that's why these shops are UK shops! The UK's Sale of Goods Act prohibits false advertising, if these aren't actually PCI cards then they can be fined...)

    However, most crucially;

    Matrox think that it's a PCI card;

    "Designed for 2D and 3D workstations, this graphics card has a combination of reliability, innovative features, image quality, and performance that makes it ideal for a wide range of professional applications. For maximum compatibility and flexibility, this card is designed for the PCI slots found in most modern PCs." (my emphasis).
  17. Thanks, but I looked at wikipedia as my first port of call before. Have you had a look at the other articles on wp regarding PCI?

    There is such a thing as PCI 66MHz, 64-bit. You don't seem to know this.

    This card is a PCI card. It is *not* a PCI-X card. They are two completely different specifications.

    >You can go tell Matrox that they labled(sic) it wrong if you wanted to

    Um, no, they labelled it correctly.

    >the name general name (sic) PCI bus DOES cover PCI-X as well

    No, actually, PCI-X is a different standard to PCI. It's an extension of the PCI standard.
  18. >For 5.0V only

    Can you provide me with some documentary evidence for this?

    >They did not (label it correctly)

    So why on earth did you use it as a "proof" for what you were saying earlier in the thread? You used that link to state that there was such a thing as a PCI-X video card, when it categorically states that it's a PCI card. You're now claiming that it's not correct?

    Can you spot the illogical conclusions here?

    >I said the general PCI bus standard

    No, you said "the name general name PCI bus DOES cover PCI-X as well", to which I pointed out that that's incorrect. PCI-X is an extension of the PCI standard, not of the PCI bus.

    >It doesn't take an IT degree to figure all this out.

    I'm not *entirely* sure where you're getting that from, I'm going to assume that this is intended as a personal attack - in which case, I've lost a little bit of respect for you. You clearly know what you're talking about in most cases, indeed this is the one thing you've posted that I've disagreed with you on. However, you're yet to post anything which provides any proof that what I am saying is incorrect, merely some loosely related material from wikipedia, a link to the PCI SIG website, which doesn't actually have that much information on it, and a link to matrox which now you are claiming is incorrect.

    I quote;

    "PCI Bus Connector Manufacturers

    A PCI connector accepts a card edge. The PCI connector will have one or two keys [plastic gaps] in the connector. One key-Way indicates 3.3 volt operation [instead of 5 volt operation], and the other Key-Way indicates 64-bit operation. A 32 bit card would only have one key at most to indicate 3.3 volt operation. Refer to the PCI Pin Out page for the location of the Key-Ways. Laptops/NoteBooks which use the Mini PCI standard use a different type of connector. Only manufacturers producing connectors for the Desk Top Personal Computer PCI Bus are listed below. Refer to the other pages listed above to find connector manufacturers of the other types of embedded PCI buses.

    32-bit 5V: Connectors with the notch farthest from the backplate
    32-bit 3.3V: Connectors with the notch closest to the backplate
    32-bit Universal PCI: Connectors with notches in both the 5V and 3.3V positions
    64-bit 5V: 32-bit 5V PCI connectors, two key ways off-set right of center
    64-bit 3.3V: 32-bit 3.3V PCI connector, one key far left, one just center right

    64-bit Universal PCI: 32-bit Universal PCI connector, one key far left, two key ways off-set right of center"
  20. Shall we be civilised and agree to disagree?

    You have evidence which you feel is documentary and I disagree with it - I have evidence which I feel is documentary, and you disagree with it.

    >IT degree

    I don't know where you got the idea that I had an IT degree from...


    Agree to disagree? *offers hand to shake*
  21. Linkage to PCIx Graphics cards.
    PCI-X Graphics Cards Sale List
    Bizrate PCI-X Deals
    Many more but I'm too busy making coffee to bother.
    Ja ne,
  22. Those are all PCI express...
  23. You sure about that?
    PCI Express selling for $40 to 50?
    PCI-(X) is not PCI-E(xpress)
  24. Then I stand corrected. Mkaibear please accept my humblest apologies .
  25. My god, to most people, as 64-bit = different, larger slot, to most people that is PCI-X.

    I dont really care what some companies marketing department have determined, but standard PCI is 32-bit 33MHz. As soon as we see 64-bit it is PCI-X imho.

    Its a completely pointless argument anyway, if I want to call it PCI-X I will, hell if I want to call it "Desktop PCMCIA64" then I will. Who cares?

    Back to the proper subject....

    The original poster stated PCI-X when he ment PCIe, there is only 1 PCI-X C2D board availible to the best of my knowledge, the one Wusy mentioned, but almost every C2D supporting board, 965 or 975, has 4 RAM slots and 2*PCIe.

    There are a few exceptions based on different chipsets, like the VIA PT880 in the ASrock 775-DUAL-VISTA, that do not meet the OPs requirements.

    As Wusy mentioned, 2GiB DIMMs are slow, and way overpriced. If you must have 4GiB then go 4*1GiB.

    As a few people mentioned, if this is a photoshop rig then the Graphics card is almost irrelevent anyway.
  26. Quote:
    Even the pricewatch thingy got all the PCI-X and PCIe thing confused! :lol:

    See, so I don't feel so damn dumb after all! :lol:
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