I've seen a couple folks asking about this motherboard in various threads. I've had mine up and running for about two weeks. No issues with the MB at all and the Ghost Bios/Bios flashing tool works great if you're like me and didn't put a damn floppy drive in the system.

I've just started OCing my x2 4200+ (first OC so I'm learning as I go). The bios let's me adjust all the memory timings, fsb, volts, etc. So far I'm stable at 2.5 and can boot into windows (won't pass prime) at 2.6.

I bought cheaper Kingston HyperX 667 memory and I think that's what's keeping me from going further, but like I said I'm new at OC and learning on the fly. I'm also scared to death of adding too much voltage so ....

The only thing that I would knock is that the bios uses memory terms that are different from all the stickies and guides I've found so I'm having to try and interpret them as I go.

If you have questions about the board let me know and I'll try and give you the answer.

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  1. I appreciate that. I'll send stuff up once I get home.

    This might sound like a real stupid question(s) but how do you take a screenshot when you're in the bios and then how do you post screen shots into these forums?

    Also, I'm running a program called SP2004 which is supposed to be similiar to Prime95 - I may have to add a floppy drive to use both Prime and memtest. Anyway, I run two iterations of the program to test each core and it goes through the CPU portion fine (small FFTs or something like that) but when it hits the RAM portion of the testing, CPU1 always crashes while CPU0 never has an issue??? Should I only run one instance when doing the RAM test?
  2. Wusy - this is going to be long because I'm not real sure what's important and what isn't. Any help or links would be great. I think I understand the basics, but my head starts swimming with some of this stuff.

    I've got it running at 2.637 prime stable (3 hours) at 240x11. I took your advice and upped the voltages to the following:

    CPU - 1.424v
    VDimm - 2.0v

    HT=959.1 (not sure what this is)

    Mem Freq = 376.8 (will this hurt the RAM since it's only 667?)
    FSB/DRAM = 7 (DDR2 667) is this the "ratio" I keep reading about? I noticed when I dropped the setting to 533 the number goes to 8
    Ram is 4-4-4-12 (trc is 21 - again not sure what this one is) at 2T

    Idle temp is 27' C
    Max temp is 53'C

    Chipset temp is constant 34' C
    GPU (via thermal probe) is 43'C at idle (don't know maxed)

    I set the mem timings based on the Ram specs (Kingston HyperX 5400 CL4) model # KHX5400D2K2/512.
    The trc is auto select
    I set the 2T based off something I saw in an article - no clue what it does :roll:

    DRAM BIOS setting that I don't know (all are set to Auto)
    Read to Write Turnaround
    Min. write to Read Delay
    Write to read turnaround
    Write to Write Timing
    Read to Read
    Refresh Rate (Tref)
    Refresh Row Cycle (for each DIMM)
    Burst Length for 32 bytes
    CKE drive strength
    clock drive strength
    CS/ODT Drive strength
    ADDR/CMD Drive strength
    Data drive strength
    DQS drive strength

    DRAM bank interleaving - disabled
    DQS Training control - Skip DQS
    CKE base power down mode - enable
    CKE based powerdown - per channel
    memclock tri-stating - disable
    memory hole remapping - enable

    PCIE, SATA and HT Spread Spectrums - all disabled

    K8<->SB HT Speed = 4x (no clue)
    K8<->MCP55 HT Width = 16/16 (no clue)

    PCIe clock is set at 100
    Cool n Quiet is disabled unless the multiplier is set to auto

    CPU voltage is +.125
    I upped DIMM volts from 1.8 to 2.0

    other volts (didn't touch)
    Chipset - 1.5v
    HT = 1.2v
    +5 = 5v
    +12 = 12.14v
    3VSB = 3.32v
    VBAT = 3.07

    Using Si Sandra Lite 2007 got the following benchmark #'s -

    Dhrystone ALU - 19154 (16012 at stock)
    Whetstone isse3 - 16208 (13548 at stock)

    Latency = 95
    Speed = 82.6
    Integer Buffer = 7643
    Float Buffer = 7708

    forgot - Cooler Master case with a 80mm front fan and 120mm rear fan. side panel has the cpu duct and another open grill for another 120mm fan (don't know if I should add one or not)

    Epox board also comes with a little fan that mounts in the back where the printer port normally would be.

    ambient temp is around 70' F
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