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With my new system, I am considering using dual screens. The primary monitor will be a CRT monitor for my gaming, and the secondary is an LCD for my work, internet etc.

Anyway, exactly how much strain does having two screens put on the graphics card? If only one monitor is being used when say playing a game, does it still hamper performance?
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  1. It shouldn't be a problem; if it's an Nvidia card you're using, you can simply set it to single display performance mode, and games will run as well as they do on single display mode, with your primary monitor.
  2. Ok, thanks for the reply :)

    My desk space wil now include two screens and an Imac :)

    I have an ATI card, can I still set it to single monitor? Its an x1800xt 256mb gddr3.
  3. I have two monitors on my 1800 and have them each set as individual monitors, the first for games and general computer, and the second for TV. when I play games, it shuts down the 2nd monitor. I play oblivion and if I'm losing framerate, I'm not missing it.

    I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
  4. even if it does put strain on you graphics card the advantages are well worth it i use 2 19'' lcd's and i now find it hard to use a computer with out that amount of screen space and when i game i can use the other screen to watch dvd's tht does kill fps though but you can always do it if u want 2 enjoy you wont want to turn back
  5. Quote:
    even if it does put strain on you graphics card the advantages are well worth it.

    He's quite right. You'd like having two screens for internet surfing and stuff like that. During a game, if both monitors are on, the card does have to continuously drive both images, even if you're only running the game on one screen. You should still get dual monitors, it's quite nice. If you start to notice game degradation, turn off the other monitor (in windows->properties->settings, not the power button). I don't know if you'll have to reboot windows or not though. I'm guessing not.
  6. You don't understand how a video card works: 2D mode does not place any strain AT ALL on a graphics card. and when you switch to 3D mode, ONLY ONE SCREEN WILL BE USING 3D MODE.

    This means there is no additional strain on the card.

    Of course, it's a different story if you run a game in dual-head mode (or triplehead) like Quake 3, or any of those "Matroxised" games. THEN there is a significant drop in performance.
  7. I've been using two CRT monitors for years, both at work and at home. It offers huge advantages, such as having two browsers open at the same time, to help you compare things such as NewEgg items. Or to have the email client open on one and work on the other. Or to edit docs with two open, cutting and pasting from one to the other.
    I've been waiting impatiently for games to utilize a second screen. It would be very nice to be able to drag the maps, etc. to the second screen. Can anyone recommend some good games that take advantage of two screens?
  8. my primary monitor is 19" viewsonic vx922 lcd. i also have a 19" SGI crt hooked up. they both are on my x1900xtx. the crt stays on so i can monitor temps or whatever while playing games on the lcd. i ran 3dmark with the sgi unplugged and got the same score, so it being on has no negative effects on framerate. As for strain on the card, i'm not sure if its shortening the life of the card or not. so i'd say go for it, the added screen space is awesome.
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