Does this mobo suck?

I just bought this ASrock mobo from newegg
I bought it because it has both an AGP slot and an PCI-e slot for graphics cards. Since i'm currently using an AGP card, this seemed like a great buy because I can upgrade my card to a PCI-e in the future without getting another mobo. But when I read the manual, it said it has only been tested with ATI X300 series cards, and I shouldn't use anything else in the PCI-e slot. Is this right? The X300 series is already outdated, so if thats all this mobo will take, its basically a piece of crap. SHould I return it?
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  1. so you think it will work with new ATI or Nvidia cards?
  2. Quote:
    Well if the x300 is outdated then guess what this motherboard is. When they wrote that manuel the X300 series was top of the line. It will work with whatever video card you want to put in it. Look anything that still has AGP on it is outdated. Like about 10 years ago when Motherbaords still came with a couple of ISA slots.

    The X300 was NEVER top of the line. It was always bottom of the line...

    This motherboard seems to come highly recommended in these forums. I think people are even running dual core procs and relatively high end vid cards like X1900 and 7900 series cards in these things.

    AGP by the way is not completely outdated yet. There are several cards on AGP (admittedly relatively high end) that will keep up with the faster midrange PCI-E cards of today. It'll be another year or two yet before AGP goes away and with this motherboard, you'll be ready for such an eventuality. Although I'd recommend against another AGP card purchase in the future. PCI-E is now less expensive for a given performance level than AGP.
  3. guess i'll go ahead and install it then. thx guys!
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