Water cooling or Air????

hey, i have a thermaltake bigwater se on my p4 presscott (i no, a bad cpu but ill live) and i have it ocd from 3.2 to 3.5 and ive herd some bad things about this cooling kit and was wondering if id get better results by switching to a ultra high end air, and if that is the case does anyone have any ideas on what some good HSF for the 775?
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  1. Can you post your temps under watercooling?
  2. omg, yes that is the worst watercooling system ever, your p4 is better than that piece of garbage (sorry). That thing cost me $180 with the flow meter and water level indicator. Even after proper assembly it fried my 9800xt (another $400) because of the cheap rubber o rings that pinch between the radiator and the cables (the ones that cannot be over tightened or too loose).

    The cabling it came with (you know, the cheap kind that kinks) and the cheap underpowered pump is the Bigwaters biggest problem.

    Ugrade asap, or it's only going to continue getting worse, believe me.

    Also, I get better temps on the Thermaltake Big Typhoon...so going to either air or a much higher end water cooling system would benefit you greatly.

    My computer b4 water cooling:
  3. It depends if you want to mildly oc then a good HSF will suffecient enough but if you want to push the cpu to the max water cooling oc then you need a good water cooling kit. Preferrably a custom kit, meaning you get each individual components on what's best for your cpu, nb, gpu or whatever else you want to water cool. I

    learn this first hand as my first water cooling kit was a kit As3000. It was cheap and I thought I could ge much performance in return but it didn't but I was expecting that since it only cost $100 for a cpu and gpu cooling kit. It worked about slightly a bit better than a good HSF but overclocking wise it did able to keep up with my hot 840 cpu, especially on gaming application.

    I got rid of it I now my pc is rigged with a custom water cooling loop, curtesy and with the help of our members here. Now I can oc my cpu to the max without having to think about heat. But it's very costly as I was $300 poorer after ordering the kit. Price is the main downside of a water cooling kit. But theres' some kit out there that offers more performance for the buck, ask Wusy about it. Just don't tell him I told you, since he got ask lots of question already.
  4. ok, thanks and if i was to get a better water cooling kit what parts would u sugjest, i want to be able to cool my cpu, and gpu if possilbe, but worried about the mem over heating, and maybe my nb, not south, might get a fan for it, but any sugestions and link for good cpu, gpu and nb cooling blocks and a good pump and rad
  5. For a start do not include the n/b on your water cooling loop. I have cooled my n/b using 80mm fan setting on top the pci-e card and blowing cool air to the n/b chipset. I cooled it down real and it is warm to the touch. It's was hot then with it's stock tiny fan that was also the loudest. As for the rams, yes it will get hot especially when use for overclocking. Again another 80mm fan on top blowing air downward or wherever you could attach the fan, blowing air to the ram module will help it cool down big time.

    For your graphics card dont water cool it or include it with the cpu water cooling loop. You can purchase a good cooler for it like the Arctic Cooling Silencer, but this cooler is huge so make sure you have the space to install it. Second it the Zalman VF900 is a good option as well for it has smaller profile and can be use for SLi setup, same one I'm using for my 2 7800GTX SLi.

    So that leaves you to cool the cpu alone with a water cooling loop. That way you get better low temps results as your only cooling the cpu. For that you can use 2x120mm rad or go triple like me for ultimate cooling.

    Here's how I got my water cooling setup:


    Again do a little research on you cpu on what's the best cpu cooling components you can use. You can however buy the most expensive cooling components out there and don't have to worry about anything. But it's good to know of which water cooling kit that could deliver the optimum cooling for overclocking that cpu so that you dont' have to pay extra money for an "overkill". Well there's now such thing is overkill in water cooling I think but this can save you money and spend it on something, like a mod or for future upgrade.

    For your cpu, I'd say MCP655 for the pump, Apogee for the cpu and 2x120mm black ice for the rad on 1/2" tubing for yield an optimum cooling for the money. But that's just my guesstimation.
  6. k, i have a 80mm sitting around and some BFG heat sinks as well, i can easily get more if those would help, im a lil new to this massive custom modding
  7. May I suggest you use a non-electrical conductive cooling fluid to use for your water cooling set up. This will cost you about $12 dollars but a begginer like you should be very cautious when first hand dealing water cooling mod for the first time. This will elimenate the risks of leakage and shortage and protect your invested pc.
  8. no, i watch everything to make sure that im not leaking, im not super new to it, ive set up a couple systems, im just not into the buy parts and then put em together, havnt done that, ive always used kits, but any idea for a cpu block and gpu block?
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