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Can RAM be overclocked? Yes I know it is, but I need to prove to someone that RAM is overclockable.
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  1. Yes it can be. You could say the manufacturers overclock or underclock ram when they sell it to you. But you can also overclock your ram by increasing the bus frequency.

    You can give this to your friend if he still doesn't believe you can overclock RAM.
    "A Newbie's Guide to Overclocking Memory"
  2. Ram is also "overclockable" leading to puffs of gray smoke...

    You may also find that you can decrease the timings of many memory... which is kinda like overclocking, but its different...
  3. Quote:
    Ram is also "overclockable" leading to puffs of gray smoke...

    Heey... thats my thread!
    @ the OP
    Yes RAM is overclockable but you have to take into account your motherboard, BIOS and also the RAM that you have. If any of these can't support the RAM's frequency being raised.... well you get the idea.
    Ja ne
  4. There are many ways too overclock YOUR memory... here are two...

    Option A:

    Stand in a metal bucket of water... on a concrete floor... open up the computer power supply, and then take a metal object and start poking around... make sure the thing is plugged in and the power is on...

    Option B:
    A) go to where you plug into your computer...
    B) Unplug the computer
    C) Get two paper clips
    D) unravel each paper clip
    E) Go back to the wall where your computer use to be plugged in
    F) Put one paper clip in the right side of the "plug" that the computer cord use to be in.
    G) Put the OTHER paper clip on the left side of the "plug" that the computer cord use to be in.

    Each option will overclock YOUR memory... though this may lead to system failure.

    BTW; dont listen to the doctors... thoose voices in you hear, their actually EVIL GNOMES... They take your underware and one of each pair of your socks when your asleep...

    ... wait this is a computer forum, and your talking about RAM ...

    I got lost... where was the self improvement forum again?
  5. The answer to your question is:

    drum roll...


    BTW, if Siths article isnt enough... try typing in google... "Overclock RAM"

    Should definately help you...
  6. Because I have a friend that thinks that you can't overclock any kind of ram, and he doesn't believe me that you can. Is there a way I can present evidence to him?
  7. You might want to have your friend checked out.
    For proof try the entire overclocking section of the forums. Hell just search for overclocking and RAM and you'll be swamped.
    Ja ne,
  8. On a personal note:

    Your friend is wrong, tell him that he should look up the answer himself, and leave it at that.

    If you would like to grow as a person; state your opinion then leave it alone. Dont argue with people, for it gets you nowhere except leaving you upset or frustrated.

    That said, I too have been sucked in by such stupid quests. I make mistakes, but have learned that arguing with people is pointless and leads to a overall loss of character.

    A few weeks ago, I fell into this pit... A guy I knew said Christopher Columbus was a Jew. Now I dont judge people on what religon they practice, but I know that he wasnt a Jew... I tried and tried to get him to look it up, but he refused... after a 10 minute lecture of his very twisted version of history, I was left angry and frusterated... I lost the arguement by taking in part of it.

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