Remote Desktop Connect Crashes Host

When I use Remote Desktop from my Windows XP Home laptop (client) to my Windows XP Pro Desktop (host) computer, it crashes the desktop. A blue screen on the desktop comes up saying it is dumping physical memory. It has done this twice. I have not yet connected successfully with Remote Desktop. Windows XP error report says it is a driver problem. The crash dumped some of my USB drivers. Any help?
Thanks, Lionman
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  1. Does the event viewer show what driver failed in particular?

    Do you have a USB printer on the computer you are connecting to or the one that is connecting?
    If so open up the remote desktop connection, click options, go to the local resources tab, and uncheck the printers option. Sometimes USB printers can cause problems like that. Usually you just get spam in the log saying the printer could not be installed. A BSOD might be possible though.
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