How to enable blocked USB ports?

I have this problem:
Security guys at my work installed on my laptop "Cisco Client Firewall" from security reasons. there is also new process called "rtnotify.exe" running. since this two installed my USB blocked from working with WiFi and storage devices. I am not a local on the station and can't stop the "Cisco Client Firewall"
my question is: how can I by-pass this :!: :?:
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  1. You can't without Admin rights on the computer. There must be a concern with USB devices for them to block it. Perhaps you could talk to you system administrator about it.
  2. Being in IT and doing security, they did it for a reason.

    But, that causes a problem when you need to backup your data. Instead of going through us, you'll want to pose this question to your security and IT guys:

    How do I back my data up now that my USB storage devices are blocked?
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