Access Point Found But The Internet cant?? PLEASE HELP

This is my problem.

I bought a router from PC world

I connected it ran it etc it all works perfect on the pc the router is connected to the internet is working etc.

However the other PC which i plugged the USB stick in is only find the router and cannot find the internet connection

My gateways are 1 and 11
someone said default = 6 do i need it on 6? if so how do i do it?

Please help A.S.A.P

Best Regards
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  1. So which is it???

    Do you have and accesspoint or a router?

    Is the computer working wireless or wired?

    What hardware to you have?

    Have you followed the instruction that came with it?
  2. Quote:
    which i plugged the USB stick

    What USB stick?

    My gateways are 1 and 11

    Gateways should always end in .1. Are you perhaps talking about a wireless channel?
  3. Are you getting a good signal on that PC?
    Are you runing any type of encryption on the access point?

    You mean you are using Channels 1 and 11. Yes, 6 is the default but it shouldn't matter if you use that or not. If you are in a populated area, Channel 6 is most likely being used by another access point and would cause excess traffic on that channel.
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