Need help choosing a monitor for gaming (non-widescreen)

I need help choosing a new monitor.
It will mainly be for gaming (FPS).
I have no interest in widescreen bc i already have one.
I'm not sure which to go with CRT or LCD.
I'm looking for one at least 19"
money for the monitor is not a problem i'm willing to spend around $300-$500 on it.
I'm totally new to the shopping for monitors(so i have no idea who makes good gaming monitors)
my cpu is 3.06ghz HT, video card: x850xt

Any tips will be much appreciated
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  1. If you already have a widescreen monitor why don’t you just use that for gaming?

    If I were to recommend anyone a TFT for gaming it would be a widescreen monitor, more so if you play anything that has a 16:10 aspect ratio option.
  2. thanks for your opinion but i'm not a fan of wide screnn gaming
  3. My brain is now hurting thanks to you, I sat there staring at that reply for 5 minuets thinking of a reason for someone to dislike widescreen gaming… Even start slapping my self on the forehead to try and get a reason. But nothing, there was not one reason I could think of why someone would not or could not like widescreen gaming when, after all it can add visible space to an actual game making more visible.

    You physically hurt me, I hope you are happy about that :cry:
  4. Video Cards and Monitors go hand in hand, since you have an "oldie" video card you will not play at 1600x1200 resolutions or higher you probably want to keep it at 1280x1024 tops for you to have all the eye candy enabled.

    I would recommend a good 19"LCD, CRT are just to clunky to lug around or just to look at them.

    Samsung SyncMaster 970P
    ViewSonic VX924
    Dell UltraSharp 1907FP

    My Recomendations are in that order.
  5. Do you have a preference for either LCD or CRT? Brightenss, energy savings, etc.? And what is your future video card plans? You'll have to keep in mind native resolution and what the future card can handle and still get high settings.
  6. :lol: should be an author. You worded that so well.
    I'm with ya. If I had the money, I sure would like to give a wide-screen a try. Those darn pesky bills and priorities just keep getting in the way. :roll:
  7. If nobody can convince you that widescreen is the way to go, then I suppose I would recommend this screen. It has a great history of handling games well. Some differ as to its DVD playback, but all agree on the gaming aspect.

    Plus, it's not all that expensive. I just purchased one for my father.

    Viewsonic VX922 19in LCD (2ms response)
  8. I've got the View Sonic VX922 19" LCD and it is awesome - no ghosting whatsoever in COD2 w/everything maxed using an x1800GTO2.

    I replaced a 19" viewsonic CRT and I think the picture on the LCD is damn near the same.

    Got it two weeks ago for $265 at Zipzoomfly - no dead pixels!!!

    I've got a 2 year old Samsung 17" LCD and it sucked balls - I gave it to my daughter - maybe samsung has come around??

  9. I've got the Viewsonic VX922 with an X800Pro. Works well and looks great, i'd highly recommend the Viewsonic, and it is like 250 bucks now, it's a steal.
  10. Opinion #1: Don't blow $300-$500 on a monitor.

    Opinion #2: If you're going to blow $300-$500, split it between a monitor and a decent video card.

    Opinion #3: Widescreen is better than fullscreen.

    Do this, and ye shall be saved.
  11. Samsung SyncMaster LCDs are actually pretty good these days. The problem is that they tend to be a little bit expensive for a 19" monitor.
  12. Also... in terms of splitting money between a video card and a monitor. Don't buy a card right now. Why? Because the card that you have is decent for the moment. The DX10 cards will be more plentiful next year, and will give you better choices.
    Your X850XTX card should be more than enough to handle games on a single 19" monitor until that time. The only reason that I upped to a X1900XTX was that I had an older card than yours, and the card I purchased had a great rebate.
  13. I've been toying with the idea of getting an LCD. Right now I have a 17" NEC Multisync FE791SB CRT which I love. Great color, great clarity, great brightness.

    The downsides are weight and size.

    The main things preventing me from getting an LCD is color reproduction and price. The price of LCDs is coming down, but I can't justify spending over $200 for something I don't need, especially since they can't (last i heard) display every color. Any opnions?

    Also, is DVI worth the extra cost over VGA?
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