new info? possible leaked G80 specs

this may or may not be new info to people, and may only be a false rumor, but, heres possible leaked info on G80 specs i browsed on earlier today

Earlier today some information regarding the possible specs of nVidia's upcoming G80 based boards surfaced on VR-Zone, only to be "quietly" removed later. Thankfully X-bit labs managed to collect the information on the new cards and we can now present it to you below.

The most important aspect of the leaked documentation are the specs revealed:

- Unified Shader Architecture;
- Support FP16 HDR+MSAA;
- Support GDDR4 memories;
- Close to 700M transistors (G71 - 278M / G70 - 302M);
- New AA mode: VCAA;
- Core clock scalable up to 1.5GHz;
- Shader performance: 2x Pixel/12x Vertex over G71;
- 8 TCPs & 128 stream processors;
- Much more efficient than traditional architecture;
- 384-bit memory interface (256-bit+128-bit);
- 768MB memory size (512MB+256MB)

The unified shader architecture suggests, what the experts have been saying for a while now, that the cards will be support DX10.

According to the same, leaked, information the G80 will surface in November in two varieties, the GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GT priced at a mere USD 649 and USD 449-499 respectively. The GTX model (higher-end) will feature a 384-bit memory interface, a hybrid water and air cooler and 7 TCPs while the GT will have a 320-bit memory interface, a standard air cooler, and 6 TCPs.

No one has actually explained what TCP actually stands for although Techreport has uncovered an nVidia patent which refers to thread control processors. According to the same patent these TCPs will be used to set the function of the unified shader processors.
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  1. sounds beautiful and for $500-$600 bucks itsnot that bad for a brand new card.. a little much for my price range but its still dont bad... lets hope they make a GF8300GT with DDR4 that would be sweet something that work dx10 and is still GReat but for around 200-300 bucks.... we will see. i just hope that by next july i will be able to get a GF8' series card for around 200bucks second hand or even new... cus i want my GF 6600 to be my last Dx9 card :)
  2. Sounds good, but I would still have to say that waiting for 2nd gen of dx10 cards would probly be the wisest decision.
  3. yes you are right ... dont want a GF FX FU@K up again you know.... we will see on the bench marks wont we.. plus full Dx10 games that require only Dx10 cards wont be out tell next july probably
  4. thanks, lol :)
  5. hmm hybrid water and air cooler i vry much doubt that i suppose we will have to wait and see tho, plus no info on power requirements
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