Bandwidth limiting software

Does anybody knows of any bandwidth limiting software so that internet bandwidth usage can be limited.

i am in searc of such a software which can 'control and monitor' the bandwidth on remote computer on a LAN network as well.

i know one called Netlimiter. but it cannot be used to control bandwidth on other comps on a LAN network.
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  1. How about SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager. This is a Windows based software that will do what you are looking for. Price is $35.
  2. thanks for your reply

    but that software is usefull only if i am sharing the internet through a proxy software

    i am sharing through a router and my router does not have any bandwidth limiting feature.

    anybody knows how to solve my problem ?
  3. That's where the problem comes in.. you'll need to pick up a router with that feature built-in unless you set one computer up as a proxy to monitor.. You don't get many options at this point for SOHO.
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