Building new system, budget is $1,200 , I need help!

I'm getting a new system and my budget is $1,200...(including monitor)
I want something with a "19 monitor... and I will be using it for games...
As far as hard drive goes, I think I want 2 x 320GB..
So If you can help me build a system for $1,200 that has 640GB and a 19" hard drive and is decent for games it will be greatly appreciated, thanks
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  1. Quote:
    Come back with a list of items you like and think will work. I think then you will find more people are willing to jump in a give some advice.
    QFT. This isn't Best Buy. That's said with love: no one here is going to take advantage of someone who doesn't know what they want by convincing them to spend money they don't have to. They do that at Best Buy.
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