Major Music/sound problem.. help appreciated


I cant find any advice anywhere else for this problem.. so if someone could help me it would be appreciated.

I've just installed my 410 and my graphic card FX5700LE into another computer which my dad was getting rid of...

AMD dual core MP 2200 + with 1 gig of ram..

Basically what happening is the computer loads up fine.. i play music and thers no problem.. then after 10 - 40 minutes the screen goes black for about 15 secs.. when the screen come back on the sound from the MP3 start to skip/slow down if any other programs are working/moving mouse etc..

So i've checked the IRQ and there are no problems or duplicates. I've re-installed graphics card driver and rebuild pc from scratch and still it keeps doing this...

Also seems that BF2 wont run and more, screen goes all weird with different colours..

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Screen saver on/off ?
    Power management for monitor on/off ?

    The fan on the VGA card spin or not ?
    Power Supply has a good wattage and gave good voltage ?
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