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I have a netgear adsl modem router linked to the internet and computers in the home wireless link to the router, That was easy to sort but now my problem, In my room i have a belkin wan/internet router which has 4 computers hardwired to it. again i sorted that bit quite easily. But i now need the belkin router with all my hard wired computers to connect wirelesly to the netgear adsl router and that is where i am stuck , the basic layout is Netgear adsl router has 4 computers wep encrypted connected my belkin has 4 computers hard wired both routers at the moment have dhcp enabled.

Can anyone advise the correct set up if this is possible.

Thanks very much
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  1. Wireless routers typically have bridging disabled in the firmware. So your probably stuck with the gear you have if you want to do it wirelessly. Some belking routers do have bridging functionality so look around the admin pages. If you don't see it, on either router, or if a new firmware isn't available for either that does allow it then you can either run a cable from one router to the other, or start looking at different hardware to implement
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