How to i stop the loading that occurs in windows 7

when i open a folder, the green address bar shows up and it sloooooowwly loads, and usually after 5-10 seconds THEN it shows the contents of the folder. how can i change it so it behaves like XP (where it shows the contents of the folder instantly)
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  1. 1. 1. Right click on the pinned Windows Explorer taskbar icon, then right click on Windows Explorer in the Jump List and click on Properties

    2. In the Shortcut tab and to the right of Target, type or copy the location in bold below you want the Windows Explorer icon to open to instead, then click on OK.

    This should be the new target:

    %windir%\explorer.exe /n,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
  2. there must be millions of folder in windows 7, is there a better way? what a defective OS microsoft makes, its a goddamn miracle they are still in business.
  3. Don't know exactly what to tell you, as the folder contents draw instantly on my computer. The only time there is a lag is when I'm browsing network folders. There is nothing wrong with the OS. You can also select the Windows Classic theme if you prefer a Windows XP-type interface.
  4. I'm with Zoron. Even folders with thousands of files in them pop up pretty much instantly on my Windows 7 system.
  5. Sounds like your accessing a slow drive!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No problems here!!!
  6. Right click on a directory that's normally slow to load and select properties. On the customize tab, make sure Optimize this folder for: is set to "General Items." If it isn't, select general items and also apply to all subfolders.

    Also, you could try defragmenting.
  7. I also have this "issue". Both on my internal hard drives and external RAID.
    Within XP I never had this problem. Is there a way to fix this? The most annoying thing is when

    opening folder with loads of pictures - it always generates thumbnails from the start (although

    it is set that Windows Explorer caches thumbs)!
  8. Turn off thumbnails then.
  9. Turn off stuff like thumbnails and searching indexing, etc

    you may also want to download some tools to check for a slow drive, a drive gets slow before it dies. Unless you have thousands and thousands of files "that changes every time you open the folder", the green bar shouldn't work that hard and for that long.
    a typical 7200rpm HDD gives you a sustained speed of 5x-7x mb/s.
  10. I turned thumbnails ON because I thought it would help. The easiest thing is to turn it off, but it doesn't help. It's not the thumbnail issue I presume.
    Although it always reads from the start thumbnails. I thought that turning them ON will skip this part of constant reading the thumbnails from picture files and instead of that it will memorize the ones that were read before.

    I do have many files, but they are sorted in just dozen of folders that are slow to show.
    As I said before - when I go to XP installation partition, everything works perfectly!
    I have 4 internal hard drives and one external RAID (4x discs) device.
    The tools I use to diagnose discs reports nothing fishy about them.
    It's the thing with Windows 7 but I don't know what.
  11. Click on the drop-down button near the upper-right of the Explorer window and change the display mode to "List". Does this make it faster?

    If it does, then change the mode to "Details", then right-click on the column headings and make sure that ONLY the following items are displayed: Name, Date Modified, Type, and Size. Is it still fast?

    If so, then your problem was that you had asked Explorer to show some information that's embedded in the file itself (for example, one of the MP3 tags such as "Artist") rather than just an attribute stored in the directory. In order to display embedded information, Explorer has to actually open every file, read it, and parse the tags. That takes time.
  12. Well, it is faster a bit... but the list view doesn't suit me on this one. I need thumbnail view because the most important folder on one of the discs are filled with pictures sorted in folders by date. Comparing to XP (where it is instant), 7 always reads thumbnails again and again upon opening folder. No matter if I disabled or enabled thumbnail caching. I'm not bothered that much if I access drive and it takes time to load and display folders (probably due to idle time setting), I'm bothered with this not remembering thumbnails that are already should have been cached.
  13. sminlal,
    thank you. You gave me the idea and motivation to go through my Windows settings. I reset many tweak tools and settings and somehow it worked. Now it caches tumbnails and if I get green bar access loading slowly its due hard disk that went to sleep and needed to be wake up.
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